More Information Required

The following bands have been noted but more details required before inclusion in Main Index

Antimatter (Cranfield, 77/78) recorded 8-11-77, Cranfield Tech College
Black Dog (77)
Clips (Luton, 78-79)
Paranoia (?)
Poser (Luton, c77/78) Steve Spon (keyb)
Statics (Luton, 78-79)

Argonauts (Maidenhead, 78-?) Jimmy Coull (voc, ex-Warsaw Pakt)
Mouths? (Reading, 78)
Once Every 28 Days (Reading, ?)
Pierres ? (Reading)
Seize ? (Reading)

Android Pups (77-78)
Concrete Contraption (78?) Si John
Contingent (78) Beki Bondage (later in Vice Squad)
Vengeance (78)
Volatile Romance Alister Scarlett, Phillip Rice, John Baily, Andy Denning

Abbott (Aylesbury) on Aylesbury Goes Flaccid LP
Chameleon (Aylesbury 78)
Clumsy (Aylesbury) on Aylesbury Goes Flaccid LP
El Seven (High Wycombe, 77/78)
Scratch (Bletchley) Friars 6-12-77
Solid Silver (Great Missenden), live, 20-4-78 Elgiva Hall, Chesham
Speedos (Aylesbury) on Aylesbury Goes Llaccid LP
Venticators (78)
Vents (78)

Heavy Manners 77, Peterborough

Pits ? (Sandbach)
Septic Maggots (Chester, late 70’s) Sean O’Halloran
WSS ? (Chester) #1 Simon Lewis (drms), Mark Dross (voc), Tim Wilday (gtr), Tony Burns (bass); #2 Mike Villey replaced Simon Lewis

Bride’s Mother Iced Cake
X-Ray (Truro, 76) Paul Lewis

County Durham
Johnny Seven (Thornaby, 78-?)
Robot Youth (Thornaby, 78-79) Jonny Baines (voc/gtr, later in Funhouse)
Silent Mafia (Billingham 77-79) Jim Platt ?
Sines (Stockton)
Vultures (Thornaby)

Arial Stud ? (Carlisle, 77) Bitts Park, Carlisle May 77
Crabs (Penrith, 77)
Anti-Climax (Whitehaven?)
Remains (Penrith, c76)

Cassette (Derby, 78-80?), Bog, Aid, Rich, Rob
Pre-De (Derby) Oliver Hoon (gtr) – ex-Waifs & Strays, later Skin Patrol

Black Panther (Exeter, late 70’s) pre-The Press
Bronte Brothers (Exeter, late 70’s/early 80’s) aka The M5’s
Cameras (Exeter, late 70’s)
Cliché (Exeter,late 70’s)
Complex (Exeter, late 70’s)
Critical Press (Torquay)
Dessibels (Exeter, late 70’s)
Dirty Habit & the Munx (Exeter, 76-77) some ex-Apathy Society
Drop (Exeter, late 70’s/early 80’s) tape exists
Glass Points (Torquay)
Headlines (Exeter, late 70’s) Piers Warren (bass) later in Sohep
Hedgehogs? (Torquay)
Hero (Exeter, late 70’s)
Jagged Edges (Exeter, late 70’s) pre-Undisputed Colours
Juveniles (Exeter, late 70’s) Graham Flack (bass)
Kikka (Exeter, late 70’s)
Lillet & the Lost Chords (Exeter, 70’s)
Max Volume & the Decibels (Exeter, 70’s)
Nerve (Exeter, late 70’s)
No Comment (Exeter, late 70’s)
No Mere Nosebleed (Exeter, 70’s)
Norman Neanderthal & the Nugapes (Exeter, late 70’s)
Outpatients (Exeter) some members later in Living Daylights
PCI (Exeter, late 70’s)
Press (Exeter, late 70’s)
Ripchord Ronnie & the Social Deviators (Exeter, late 70’s)
Russians (Exeter) some members later in Living Daylights
Screens (Exeter, late 70’s)
Secret Agent (Exeter, late 70’s)
Septic plasters (Exeter, 78?)
Steve Toy & the Toylets (Exeter, late 70’s) “vultures over the white cliffs of dover”
Systum (Torquay)
Tight Shoes (Exeter, late 70’s)
Undisputed Colours (Exeter, late 70’s) John Jaques (voc)
Vince Volt & the Potential Difference (Exeter, late 70’s)
XLR8 (Exeter, late 70’s) Richard Cross

Drawbacks (Bournemouth, 77/78) Nelly, Clive
Generators (Bournemouth, Aug 78) 1 gig only
Interference (Bournemouth, late 70’s) John Willey (voc/gtr), Paddy O’Tool (keyb), Mike Cotton (bass), Pete Abrahams (drms)
Wasters (Bournemouth, 78?/79) Ken Palmer (voc/gtr), Pat Ted (gtr), Dave Emeny (bass), Pete Evans (drms)

East Sussex
Puritans (Brighton, 77-78) Bowi (voc)
Sellouts (Brighton, 77)
Teaser (Brighton, 77)
Trousers (Brighton, 78

East Yorkshire
The What (Hull)?

Acne (Southend, late 77-78)
Axiom (Basildon, 78-79)
Black Dog (Clacton-on-Sea, 76 – Apr 77) some members later joined Johnny 7 Combo
Dead Loss (Basildon? 78)
Disease (Southend, 76) Andy Collins (voc)
Drip Dry & the Washouts (Wickford, 78)
Empire Backfire (Southend)
Exhibit B (Southend)
Flying Mallet (Harlow, 78)
Frenzie/Frenzee? (Southend, 78)
Germans (Basildon, 78)
Get Together Band (Basildon, 78)
Gilmartin ? (Basildon, 78)
Jukes (Southend) Pete Zear
Kapt. Anorak
Mik Bostik
Mongrel ? (Basildon, 78)
Nasty Habits (Chelmsford, 77) Paul Cleary (gtr)
Nerves (Chelmsford, 77-78)
Nomads (Southend)
Opposition ? (Basildon, 78)
Planks (Harlow, 78)
Salems Deviants (Southend)
Sleeper ? (Basildon, 78) Gloucester Park 20-8-78
Small Town Rumour (Wickford, 78)
Sniper (Southend 78)
Sobs, Andy Hill
Straits (Colchester, 77/78) James Vane (voc, ex-Void, later News)
Sux (Chelmsford, 77/78) Bob Mardon (drms)
Systems (Southend)
Tall Stories / Tall Story
Traitor(s) (Billericay)
Vinyl Degenerates (Southend, 78) John Dee (ex-Idiot)
Void (Colchester, 76-77) James Vane/butcher (voc, later in Straits)
Whizz Kids (Southend?) 15-1-78, Shrimpers Club, Southend) same as Lincoln band?


Abortion (77-78)
Acme Quartet (77-78)
Alligators (77-78)
Alsations (Hackney, 78)
Altair Druid (Bromley)?
Amyl Nitrate (77)
Angels (77-78)
Anorak (77-78)
Antipuss (Bromley) various artists ep? Boneparte records
APB (77-78)
Armageddon (Bromley)
Assault (77-78)
Back Numbers (78)
Backbeats (78 – 79)
Backlash (77-78)
Bad News (77-78) played Roxy,
Blank Cheque (78)
Blanks (77)
Blitz Kids (77 – 78)
Blue Veins (78) Derek Tagg
Bone Idol (77-78)
Car Crash (77) Dermot O’Keefe, Dave (Both ex-Defiant, O’keefe later in Self Control)
Champion (78)
Charlie & the Clock Springs (77/78)
Cheap Stars (77-78)
Checkmate (78)
Clutch Plates (mid 77)
Coming Shortly (late 78?) Mod revival, 7? released Mar 79
Controlled Attack (78)
Convent Nuns (78) Tyrone Thomas (also Alternative TV)
Cool Thrust (77)
Crack (78-)
Criminals (77)
Crisis & Youth (77)
Crocodile (77)
Crosswinds? (77-78)
Cycles (c77)
Decorators (78/79?) John Guillani, Dexter O’Brian
Defects (Islington, 77/78) Martin Kemp (bass, later in The Makers)
Desperate Straits (77-78)
Deviators (77-78)
Dirty Three (76-)
Do Your Thing (77/78)
Dogsbody (77)
Dose (Uxbridge, 78)
Eligible Bachelors (78)
Embryo (Canning Town, 78)
Enchanters (78)
Enemies Of The World (77-78)
Expelled (78, Erith)
Eye (76/77) Anthony Doughty (Peroxide Romance, Moors Murderers)
Fairclough (77)
Fame (78-79?)
Fear (c78 -79?) Justin Semmens (gtr, ex-Spotty Dogs)
Filthy Lucre (late 77, Croydon) Fred or Dave Berk (Johnny Moped) 1 gig
Five-0 (Bromley)
Flight 56 (77)
Frankenstein (77)
Fringe (78)
Gags (78)
Gnasher (77)
Goats Teeth (77/78) played Roxy 1-1-78, not included on Roxy LP
Hards (c78)
Heart Attack (77)
Icebergs (77)
Imprints (78)
Incidence (77/78)
Injections (78)
Interference (78)
Jack Boot & the Stormtroopers (77, Croydon)
Jesus Savage (77/78)
Jet Separation (77 – Mar 78) Barry Jones (gtr, later in Idols)
Joker (78)
Julie & the Film Stars (77/78)
Kassels (77)
Klee (77-?) Philip ? (drms)
Larry Zoom? (77)
Lixs (77-78)
Locators (Croydon, 78/79) Twister (voc), Kane Hill (bass) both later in The Introze
Macfocahest (78)
Magnet (77-78)
Moorgate & the Tube Disasters (78/79?)
Mother’s Ruin (Bromley, 76) Brian Jardine & Peter Heyward (Unorfadox)
Mounties (77/78)
Nazi (77-78)
Necromats (78)
Nerve Gas (78)
New Bastards (76) Peter Richard Stacy (later in Millwall Chainsaws)
Nights (77)
Nile (77)
Northwood (78)
Nothing (77)
Off Licence (78)
Oscillators (78 – 80)
Oppressed (Romford) Gary Sparks (Purple Hearts)
Outrage (78)
Oze? (77)
Panties (78-79)
Paradise Smell (78)
Paraquat (78-79?) Mick Gaul (voc, later Blitzkrieg), Johnny Liu (gtr, later Mayhem)
Parazone (78)
Passengers (78, later known as Propaganda)
Pickets (78)
Pistols (78)
Pleasure Zone (78)
Polecats? (76)
Prisoners (originally called Soho Rats, Ealing)
Pslams (78)
Public (78)
Purge (77-78)
Quids (78 – ?) Graham Jenkins
Rabies (77)
Reinforcement (78)
Reliant Robins (78) Tony Smelik (ex-Flames)
Renoir (77)
Resistance (78) Martin (also Patrik Fitzgerald)
Richard III (78, Erith)
Riot Squad (77)
Rotting Klitz (77/78) Andy Riff (Suspects, The Dark)
Rubber Ball (78)
Saboteurs (78)
Sane (78)
Schmo (77-78)
Screens (77-78)
Senile (77-78)
Shadowfax (Bromley, 78) Matt from Unorfadox
Slippery Sam (mid 70’s) Billy Karloff (John Osborn)
Slug Squad (78, Erith)
Smelly Sock Jock’s
Snatch Sounds (76)
Solo? (78)
Sounds? (77)
Southern Ryda? (78)
Spanker (77-78)
Special Do
Speedy Needle & the Acid Drops (c76, Erith) some members later in R21
Stalag 16 (77-78)
Suffercation (77)
Sweaters (78)
Swords (Eltham?, 77-79) lots of gigs noted
Sychodelic (78)
Teenage Skins (77)
Terminals (77)
The Punks (mid 70’s) Billy Karloff (John Osborn)
The UK? (78)
Thrillers (78)
Toes (77)
Tones (77)
Tools (77)
Transistor (77)
Unknown? (78)
Verbals (77)
Violent (77)
Virus (77/78)
Walking Wounded? (77)
Why Not (77)
Wild Youth? (Waltham Cross, 78)
W12 Spots (Acton, Oct 77)
Works (78)
X-Films (Bromley, 78)
XR21? (78)
Young Death (77)
Z-benz? (78)
Zabandip? (78)

Greater Manchester
Albert Square (78) 20-3-78, Rafters, Manchester
Bidet Boys (78)
Cheap & Nasty (78)
Connection (78)
Contact (78/79?) Tony Friel
Creation (78)
Dust (78)
Enigma (Fallowfield, 78?-) Kevin Brady (bass), Martin Tivnan (voc)
Evicted (Stockport, 78?) Dave Ellis (voc), Liefy (drms), Andy
Exodus (78 – 79?)
F.T. Index (78?-79?) on Manchester Musicians Collective LP
FC Domestos (78)
Feathered Version (78)
Fly (78)
Heart (c78)
Housewife?I-Beats (78)
Mascaras (77) appeared on So It Goes?Mechanics? (78)
Mediators? (78/79) Phil Rathbone (drms) on Manchester Musicians Collective LP
Mike King & the Tunes (78)
Militant Frank (77-78)
Nervous Breakdown (78)
Nives (78)
Nuclear Angel (76/77) Tony Friel & Karl Burns
Purple Haze (77/78) Mick Hucknall
Restricted? (78)
Rip Off (77)
Risk (78)
Rodent Enterprises (78)
Shock? (78/79?) Julie G
Split Beans (77)
Stand & Deliver? (78)
Surge (76/77) Dermot O’Keefe (gtr, later in Defiant)
Surgical Supports (78-82?)
Tent Poles (78)
Things (78?-80)
Time Out (78)
Units (78)
Yoyos ?

Ad Hoc Band (Winchester, 76)
Big Figure (Hamble, 78) Dom Ziegler (gtr), Clive Brooks (ex-Pulsators)
End (Portsmouth)
Erections (Winchester) gig 20-9-78 Cricketers, Winchester
Frogson (Winchester)
Genetix (Portsmouth)
Identical Strangers (Winchester, 78)
Lindsay & the Pussy Cats (Winchester)
Poisoned (Romsey, 77) many recordings, no gigs
Polar Bears (Winchester) gig 20-9-78, Cricketers, Winchester
Polygon & the Irregular Shapes (Portsmouth)
Precautions (Portsmouth, 78-79) Ade Oakley (Boasters) demo recorded 78
Quiet Men (Portsmouth)
Sods Opera (Portsmouth)
Squeeze Levers (Havant, 77) Steve Grainger (sax), Mark Mason (gtr)
Stray Dogs, gig at Alresford Town Hall 78
Street Heroes (Southampton)
Violent Daffodils (Portsmouth)
X-Spurts (Portsmouth)


Bedworthies (St Albans, 77-78), Gez & mick (later of Toys)
Crossfire (St Albans) Ronnie (bass, ex-Tanya Hyde)
Modern Product (Bishops Stortford?, 78)
Paranoids (St Albans/Hatfield, 78-80)
Pie Shop, (Hemel Hempstead) Mick Sinclair (gtr), John Mcrae (keyb) both later in funboy five
Pissed (St Albans/Hatfield, 77-78) Mick Russell, Simon Belshaw, Kevin Buckler (gtr) later in Toys (77-78)
Reekers (Letchworth, 78-81) later known as The Clefts
Social Class Five (Hitchin) some members later in Viva
Sonofabitch (Waltham Cross, 76) Steve Phelps (later in Ordinarys)
Vice (Cheshunt)
Words (St Albans, 76) Tanya hyde (voc, later in Tormentors)

Isle Of Wight
Thin Red Line (78-79), Nicholas ‘Razzle’ Dingleyy
Underdogs (77-78) Nicholas ‘Razzle’ Dingley

Isle Of Man

Abandoned (Isle of Sheppey, 77-78)?
AKA & the Nice Boys (Chatham, 78-79)
DV8 (Seven Oaks?)

Activators (Blackburn, 77)
Chainz (Blackpool?) Ian Butterworth (later Tunnelvision)
Mistress (Blackpool)

Biggots (77)
Clockwork Soldiers
Dead Fly Syndrome
Jeannie Phoenix & the X Men
Merv Septic & the Discharge (77)
Robin Banks & the Payrolls “Cul-de-sac”
Sincere Americans
Teenage Spots (77)
The The, Andy Ross, Dave Henderson

Phoenix (Lincoln) Andrew Butler
Sinking Ships
Static Distortion (Lincoln? 78/79?) Kevin Snell (drms), Martin Jackson (gtr), Paul Campling (gtr), Leo (voc)
Stig & the Lacerators (Lincoln? 7?) Nick Fountaine (voc) – ex/pre XS-Energy?
Ted Vomit & the Mucoids (Boston, 78) Nigel Dymond
Vomiting Delussionz (Lincoln, 77)

Abort The Attack (late 70’s)
Brothers (78?) Magoon (gtr, later in Riders)
Bugs (75-76) Brian Harcombe, Roddie Gilliard
Bulldog Clips (78)
Change of Image (late 70’s) Andy Warren (gtr, later in Systems)
Coincidence (77/78)
Cops in Disguise (78?) Rob Cross (keyb, later Fallen Heroes), Doug Halligan (bass/voc), Ron Roberts (gtr)
Cuddly Toys (77-78?) Power Pop, John Poole (voc/gtr)
Frantic? (78/79?) Mick Cooper, Eric Wilson, Sheila Norris Brain Harcombe, Marie Woods
Freedom? (76-77) John Loughlin (gtr), Paul Connor (gtr), Ste Holland (bass), Alan Judge (voc), Ian Mackay (drms)
Hard Up Heroes (78)
Infiltrators (78-81?) Chris Leckie (drms)
Lester Parrot? (78)
Luminous Beings ? (late 70s) on A Trip To the Dentist LP
Network (78)
Ozone (c78)
Revolver? (78?) “One and One is Two” 7” (Rox) released 79
Sewer Ratz (78?) Moo (bass, later in Riders)
Shimmy & the Shakers (77) Midge
Torchy & the Moonbeams (78-79) Steve Torch, Midge
Willi & the Visitors? (78)

Cider Bottle (Norwich 78-?) John Vince (Der kitch)
Die Laughing (77)
Inmates (Norwich, 77-78) Gigged with crabs in Norwich
Marauders (77-79) Steve Lehardy, Jif Johnson, Chris Basford (Farmers Boys)
Measels? (Great Yarmouth, 78)
Perishers (Great Yarmouth, 78-?)
The Entire Population of Japan (Norwich, 70s) Roger Foyster (also in Stoats)

North Yorkshire
Captain Shambles (York?, 77) De Grey Rooms, York 10-8-77
Charles Prince & the Junta Corgi’s (Scarborough?, 77-?) Assembly Rooms, York 17-12-77
No Surprises (York? c78/79)
Rite Off (York?, 77-78) 13-5-78 De Grey Rooms, York
The Issue (York?, 77-78) 13-5-78 De Grey Rooms, york
Ziggy & the Buzz (York?, 77-78) Assembly Rooms, York 17-12-77

Cardiac Arrest (Northampton, 77) Kevin Haskins (ex-Submerged Tenth)

Northern Ireland
Acid Man? (78-?) 7”(79)
Mash (Newry, 78?-80) Pat McCaul, Tommy McCaul, John McCaul, Colin McClelland & Gordon Ogilvie? Glenmachan
Hotel 29-3-78
Muff Divin’ Spiders (76/77?) Jeff Hughes (bass) later in Rhesus Negative
Pathos (Downpatrick, 78)
Playboys (Derry, 76)
Pure Mania, Stephen Mitchell (later Aerosols)
Raine (Belfast, 78-79?) Hugh O’Boyle
Sellout (Belfast, 78) Martin Kennedy (gtr)
Ski’s (Bangor, 77-78?) Robert Scott (later the Doubt)
Stabs (Glengormley, late 70’s)
Strictly Prohibited (Moy, late 70’s)
Traitor (Glengormley, 78) Colin Woods, Peter Todd & Ken Hosick (all ex- L-OX, later Allotropes)
White noise (Glengormley, late 70’s)
Ventura Highway? Jackie Hamilton


Drains (Nottingham, 78) Beeton
Hi Bred Mishap (Nottingham 71-72) Wayne Evans (Gaffa, bass), filmed, Hi Bred Mishap (Nottingham 71-72) proto-punk
Post Impressionists (Nottingham, early 78) Robert Courtney (ex-Cycle Annie)
Press (Nottingham, 76-78) Paddy Campbell (drms), later became Medium Medium
Ricky Ties? (Nottingham) mod-revival
Slugs? (Nottingham)
Stukas? (Beeston)
Ventilators (78)

Long Static Dream (LSD)
Radioactive Morons (Bicester?)
Wild Hog?

Republic of Ireland
Abbey (Dublin, c1975-76) Paul Brown (bass, later in Rat Salad/Gravediggers)
Acid Brats (Dublin, 77-78)
Addix (Dundalk? 78-79?) Cellar, Dundalk 26-10-78
Antibodies (Cork, 78 or 79) Mick Finnegan (Nun Attax)
Axis (Dublin, 77)
Chainsaws (c Aug 77) advert in Heat #2
Damien Leper and the Open Sores (77, Dublin) never played?
Drake (Dublin, c77) supported U2 at St Fergals Hall?
Eclipse (Galway, c78) [not the band from Enniskillen]
Enzymes (Drogheda, late 70’s-early 80’s) Roger Reilly, Gavan Kierans, Joe McCormack
Facets (78-81)
Free Bird (78-?)
Gone to Earth (Howth) Howth Community centre 26-12-78
Mercury (Howth?, 76-77) Paul Byrne
Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible (Dublin, 78-79) Daniel Figgis, later in Virgin Prunes
Side FX (Dublin, late 70’s/early 80’s) Rocky O’Rourke (bass), Stephen O’Brien (drums) also in Neu Belsen & Driver
Spurts (Dublin, c77-79)
Subterraneans (Dublin, June 78-) Andy Loughran & Pat Smith (ex-Gamblers)
Thorns (Dublin, late 70’s) Tony Murphy (vocals/guitar), Colin Holmes (drums)
T.N.T. (Dublin, 78) Morans hotel 15-8-78
Urban Urges (Dublin, late c77-79)
Verbs (Ennis, 78)
Worst (Dalkey, Dublin 77) Kilkenny open air gig 77
Yeah Yeahs (78) Neil McCormack
Zenith (Walkinstown, Dublin late 70’s) later became Zero Hour

Reflex (c77/78)
Blueprint (c77/78)

1984 (Strathhaven, 78-83) Bob Marshall (voc/gtr)
Abductors (Glasgow)?
Agitators (Edinburgh, 77-78) Mark & Ian later in 35mm Dreams
Alleged (Glasgow)
Cubs (Edingburgh) Steve McLaughlin (Scars), 24-11-78 Trades Council Hall, Edinburgh
Ded Rabit (Edinburgh, 75-76) Mark & Ian, later in 35mm Dreams
Dyelatiks (Glasgow)
Fifers (Edinburgh?)
Groper (Edinburgh?, 77-78)
Machetes (Glasgow, 77-78?) Steven Daly (also Backstabbers, later in Nu Sonics)
Motels (Glasgow, 77-78)
Movers? (Edinburgh 78)
Nameless (Glasgow, 78)
Neutral Blue (East Kilbride, 77-80?) Roddy Frame (later Aztec Camera)
On Parole (Libingston, 78-83)
Pressure Shocks? (78)
Shock (Bearsden, 77) Big Frank
Slug (Edinburgh, 78)
Station Six ? (Edinburgh) Murray Slade (gtr, later in The Fire Engines)
Street Noise (Edinburgh, 77)
Subject (Kingseat) ? Peter Wishart (voc/keyb), Alan Wishart (bass), Keith Falconer (drms)
Suck Her (Glasgow) 10-9-77 Assembly Rooms, York
Switch (Lockerbie, 77-79) Carlisle Jazz Club 25-2-78 Bob Mitchell (gtr)
Trendies (Perth, 77-78?) 1-78 Dairsie Village Hall
White Heat (Ayr, 77-78?) Mike Scott (Bootlegs)


Buster Hymen & the Penetrators (Bath, 77) Tim Purr
Corgies (Bath, 77/78) Tim Purr
D.I.M. Band? (Bridgwater)
Pompeii Stiffs? (Bridgwater)
Red Mess & the Tampons (Bath, 77)
Skillet Lickers? (Bridgwater)
Tall Boy (Bath, 77/78) Tim Purr
Xtians (Bath, 78-79) Rob Fisher (later in Neon (Bristol, 79-81)

South Yorkshire
Armitage Skanks? (Doncaster, c78/79)
Eyes At Risk, on VA-New Wave From the Heart LP
Subliminal Cuts, on VA-New Wave From the Heart LP
Weazel (Doncaster?) c78
Xtras? (Sheffield, 78)

Trash (Stafford, 77-78)
Utensils (Tamworth, 78-79) later known as Ideal Husbands


Cert-X (Caterham, mid – late 77)
Excalibur (Dave Parsons)

Tyne & Wear
Black Diamond (Newcastle) ? NWOBHM
Blitz (Seaham) ?
Epileptik Fitz (Seaham) ?
King Crabs (Newcastle, 77 – 80?) Jimmy Nail (voc), Mickey Hutton (drms)
One Offs (Sunderland)
Prefabs? (Sunderland, 78)
Quadrant (Gateshead?, 77)
Steve Savage (77)
The End (Newcastle, 77/78) Bobby Clark
Treatment Room (78-83 Wallend)
Vomits (Newcastle)?

Beaver (Camarthen?, 77-?) 15-12-77 Civic Hall, Camarthen
Chwys Troed (Llanrug) 78/79?, Gerald Griffith
CBL (Cemaes Bay, 78-79)
Doc Savage (Cardiff) Pete Lawrence, Alan Davies
French Lettuce (Cardiff)
Futile Gestures (Caerphilly, 76)
Gnasher? (Cardiff, 76-77) Mike Kennedy (bass)
Grip (Prestatyn, late 70’s) later became The Vaj
Johnny & the Exits (Swansea, 78-?) Johnny Exit
Korky the Cat (Bangor, 78?)
Merger (Bangor, 78?)
Nucleuz (Pontypridd, 77) Andy Bevan (voc) – later in Addiction, Campaign 1
Riotous Bros (Cardiff)
Shop (Anglesey?, late 70’s) Neale Parry
Side FX (78/79) Jonathon Griffiths (drms, later Frames), Julian Kelly (gtr/voc)
Skidmarks (Cardiff, late 70’s)
Sleever (Swansea, 78/79) Graham Larkbey
Wankers (Bangor, 74) Scott saunders Chris haley Live recording exists
Zuggs (Bangor, 78-?)

Radiation One (Nuneaton, 77/78) Martin Packwood (later Bron Area)
Subterraneans (Leamington Spa) Mark Gibbons (gtr, later Abstracts)

West Midlands
98th Precinct (Birmingham 78)
1984 (Coventry, 77/78) Jim scully (later in The Squad)
Assassins (Birmingham, 77-78)
D.Features (Birmingham 77-78)
Negatives (Birmingham) 77/78? (Kevin Archer, Pete Williams)
Nex ? (Birmingham, 78)
Obscene on TV (Coventry) 77-78
Pseudo Blue (Birmingham) 78? (Steve Daley-bass)
Pseuds (Coventry, c78) John Hewitt & Stig Foster
Verdicts (Birmingham 77-78)
Vince Scream & the Pipers (Birmingham) 78 (John Dowie backing band)
Ward 34 (Birmingham, 78-79) 7? “Religion for the 70’s” released Oct 79
Wide Boys? (Birmingham) Jim Bates

West Sussex
Bootleg (76-77, Crawley)
Luke Warm & the Tepids

West Yorkshire
Dodgy Tactics?
Fractions (Leeds, 78-79)
Press? (Leeds, 78)
Problemz (leeds, 77-78)
Stukas (Wakefield, 76-78) ??
Squids (Bradford)
XL (78)
Xpelaires? (Leeds, 78)

Acrospire, (Salisbury, 77) Dean Piacentini (bass)
Anikists ? (Swindon, late 70’s) Birdy (voc), Richard Kilford (gtr), Gary Pearce (bass), Louie (drms)
Elliot Ness & the G-Men (Salisbury, mid 70’s)
Frenzie/Frenzee ? (Swindon, 78) gigs in Southend 78
Fruitbats (Salisbury)
Gerry Atrik & the Pensioners (Salisbury)
Get Stuffed? 78? Herb (bass) later in Stupid Humans
Intensive Care (Breamore, late 70’s – early 80’s) Neil Hotston, Steve Marlowe, Shaun Marlowe
Jellytots (Swindon, 78-?)
Kinetic NRG (Salisbury)
Matt Vinyl & the Emulsions (Salisbury, late 70’s)
Padlocks ? (Swindon, late 70’s) – Track on VA-Songs from Pigland
Premates (Salisbury, 78) Simon Kuczera (bass)
Ray-zors ? (Swindon, late 70’s) – Track on VA-Songs from Pigland, Jeanette?
Ron & the Four Skins (Salisbury)
X-ITS ? (Swindon, late 70’s)

Close Rivals (Redditch, 78?) Ian Giles – later in Deadly Toys (79)
Dick Sores & the Masticators (Stourport, 76-77, Malcolm Green – later in Dead Ringer & the Clones)
Exports? (Redditch?, 78)
Liquid Lil & the Lilettes (Stourport, 76-77, some members later in Dead Ringer & the Clones)
Moonknight? (Redditch?, 77)
Remoulds (Redditch, 77/78?) Dave Bennett (drms)
Vendettas (Worcester, 78?) Mike Crisp (voc)

(unknown location)
Actors (78)
C 2-Female (78) demo “Mirror”
Crosscut Saw (Punk/Mod, c78-79)
Gotham City Swing Band (c77 – 79) Paul Kohler (voc)
Iritations (78?)
Lobots (77) Dan, Paul
Movies? (77-78)
Objects (London, 78) Shem Law (bass)
Silent Types (77)
Snot Vampires, Dave Van (keyb)
Whips (78-80)