Alternative TV

(London, Mar 77 – May 79)
also known as ATV, later known as Good Missionaries






Official Pre-79 Releases;

Alternative TV


Love lies limp 7″ Fexi (Sniffin’ Glue, SG-75 RPS) released Oct 77, free with Sniffin’ Glue Fanzine No. 12
Tracks: Love lies limp



How much longer 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-002) released Dec 77
Tracks: How much longer, You bastard



Life after life 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-04) released Mar 78
Tracks: Life after life, Life after dub


The Image Is Cracked LP (Deptford Fun City, DLP-01) recorded in part 100 Club, London 7-2-78, released May 78
Tracks: Alternatives, Action Time Vision, Why Don’t You Do Me Right?, Good Times, Still-Life, Viva La Rock n’ Roll, Nasty Little Lonely, Red, Splitting in 2



Action Time Vision 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-07) *100 Club, London 7-2-78, released Aug 78
Tracks: Action time vision, Another coke*



Life 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-05) released Nov 78
Tracks: Life, Love lies limp


Vibing Up The Senile Man: Part One LP (Deptford Fun City, DLP-03) recorded Oct – Nov 78, released Mar 79
Tracks: Release the Natives, Serpentine Gallery, Poor Association, The Radio Story, Facing Up to the Facts, The Good Missionary, Graves of Deluxe Green, Smile in the Day


Live at the Rat Club ’77 LP (Crystal, CLP-01) recorded 14-9-77, released 79
Tracks: Memphis, Love Lies Limp, My Hand Was Still Wet, Sleep In Bed , Life, How Much Longer, Alternatives To NATO / You Bastard, Why Don’t You Do Me Right, Total Switch Off


Knights of the Future 7″ (Red Ronnie’s Bazar, Nice-2) recorded Wesbourne Park, London Aug 78, issued with Red Ronnie’s Bazar Magazine No. 4, released 80, Italy
Tracks: Untitled, Knights Of The Future, Alternatives To Normal Eating Habits


Various Artists – Punk Collection Vol. 2 LP (RCA, PLWL-1007) released 78, Italy
Tracks: How much longer

Various Artists – English Waves! LP (RCA Victor, PLWL-1009) released 78, Italy
Tracks: Life after life

Alternative TV / Here & Now

What you see….Is what you are LP (Deptford Fun City, DLP-2) recorded summer 78, released 78, *tracks by Here & Now
Tracks: Action Time Lemon, Going Round In Circles, Fellow Sufferer, Splitting In Two, What You See Is What You Are*, Dog In Hell*, Addicted*


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded Apr 77 ‘Industrial sessions’ *recorded Rat Club 14-9-77
Tracks: Love Lies Limp, Love Lies Limp (2), “…Fuck Up…”, British Kids, “…Is She Awake Yet?”, Industrial Porridge, Life, Life (2), Life (3), Life (4), Tremble The Dog, “…I Was Hitting Him, Like…”, “…A Lot Of Gaps On This Tape…”, Alternatives To NATO, More Porridge, Guardian, Times And Observer, East Acton Action, Never Saw The Blitzkrieg, Street Fighter, British Kids (2), Love Lies Limp (3), Ten Commandments, Street Fighter (2), Still Life*

Locarno, Portsmouth 16-11-77
Tracks: Still Life, Action Time Vision, Love Lies Limp, Any Way You Want Me, Another Coke, Good Times, Life After Life, Memphis Tennessee

BBC John Peel session 5-12-77
Tracks: Action time vision, Still life, Love lies limp, Life after life

BBC John Peel session Jul 78
Tracks: Going round in circles, Good missionary, Nasty little lonely, Release the natives

Free Tour summer 78 (Various venues?)
Tracks: Love Lies Limp, Going Round In Circles, Nasty Little Lonely, Still Life, Fellow Sufferer, Viva La Rock ‘n’ Roll, Release The Natives, Nasty Little Lonely, Alternatives, Fellow Sufferer, The Good Missionary, Graves Of Deluxe Green, The Radio Story

Stonehenge Free Festival 20-6-78
Tracks: Another Coke, Action time lemon, Going round in circles, Fellow sufferer, Slpitting in two

Zero 6, Southend 6-6-78
Tracks: Nasty little lonely, Still life, Fellow sufferer, Viva la rock ‘n’ roll

Free Festival, Wesbourne Park Gardens, London 12-8-78
Tracks: Release the natives, Nasty little lonely, Alternatives, Fellow sufferer, The good missionary, Graves of deluxe green, The radio story

Queens College, London 78 (tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line ups:

New Beatles
late 76
Mark Perry (voc)
Tyrone Thomas (gtr)
Steve Walsh

Alternative TV #1
Mar – Apr 77
Mark Perry (voc)
Alex Fergusson (gtr)
Genesis P Orridge (drms)

Apr – May 77
Mark Perry (voc)
Alex Fergusson (gtr)
Micky Smith (bass)
John Towe (drms)

May – Jul 77
Mark Perry (voc)
Alex Fergusson (gtr)
Micky Smith (bass)
John Towe (drms)

Aug – Oct 77
Mark Perry (voc)
Alex Fergusson (gtr)
Chris Bennett (drms)
Tyrone Thomas (bass)

Oct 77 – 78
Mark Perry (voc)
Tyrone Thomas (gtr)
Chris Bennett (drms)
Dennis Burns (bass)

Mark Perry (voc)
Chris Bennett (drms)
Dennis Burns (bass)
Kim Turner (gtr)

Mark Perry (voc)
Chris Bennett (drms)
Dennis Burns (bass)
Mark Lineham (gtr)
Jools Holland (keyb)

Mark Perry (voc)
Dennis Burns (bass)
Mark Lineham (gtr)

Mark Perry (voc)
Dennis Burns (bass)

Mark Perry (voc)
Dennis Burns (bass)
Dave George (gtr)
Anno Graver (voc)

Good Missionaries #1
May 79 –
Mark Perry (voc)
Dennis Burns (bass)
Dave George (gtr)
Henry Badowski (drms)
Gillian Hanna (voc)

Mark Perry later also in Reflections, Lemon Kittens, Door & the Window & solo
Steve Walsh is later in Flowers of Romance, Transmitters, Manicured Noise
Tyrone Thomas also in Convent Nuns
Alex Fergusson is later in Cash Pussies, Psychic TV
Genesis P Orridge is also in Throbbing Gristle
Chris Bennett later in Secret Affair
Dennis Burns later in Lusty Ghosts, Reflections
Kim Turner later in Andy Fraser Band
Mark Lineham later in The Lines, also in Patrik Fitzgerald‘s band
Anno Graver also with Gong, Here & Now
Henry Badowski is ex-Doomed, later solo
Jools Holland is also in Squeeze


Gigography (up to end 78, incomplete)
06/05/77 Nottingham Punk Festival (1st gig)
04/06/77 Brighton Polytechnic
07/06/77 Railway Hotel, Putney (*)
20/06/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
23/06/77 Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London
26/06/77 Deptford Festival
30/06/77 Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London
01/07/77 Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London
14/07/77 Rat Club, Pindar of Wakefield, London
10/08/77 Duke, Deptford
19/08/77 Marriott Hall, Dundee
21/08/77 Maxim’s, Barrow-In-Furness
22/08/77 Tiffany’s, Edinburgh
23/08/77 Silver Thread, Paisley
24/08/77 Silver Thread, Paisley
25/08/77 Maniqui, Falkirk
26/08/77 Dundee
13/09/77 Rat Club, Pindar of Wakefield, London
14/09/77 Rat Club, Pinder of Wakefield, London
17/09/77 Electric Circus, Manchester
01/10/77 Eric’s, Liverpool
13/10/77 Speakeasy, Margaret Street, London
14/10/77 Other Cinema, Charlotte Street, London
15/10/77 Bell, Kings Cross, London
01/11/77 100 Club, Oxford Street, London
16/11/77 Locarno, Portsmouth
17/11/77 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
18/11/77 Central London Polytechnic
21/11/77 Nags Head, High Wycombe
21/11/77 Town Hall, High Wycombe
23/11/77 Eric’s, Liverpool
24/11/77 Manchester Polytechnic
01/12/77 Albany Empire, Deptford
05/12/77 Outlook Club, Doncaster
06/12/77 Ace of Clubs, Leeds
25/01/78 Town Hall, High Wycombe
07/02/78 100 Club, Oxford Street, London
10/02/78 New Regent, Brighton
21/02/78 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
26/02/78 Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon
10/03/78 University of Essex, Colchester
11/03/78 Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London
12/03/78 Locarno, Bristol (?)
25/04/78 100 Club, Oxford Street, London
06/05/78 Kent University, Canterbury
26/05/78 Eric’s, Liverpool
26/05/78 Hermit Club, Brentwood
28/05/78 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
03/06/78 Ablemarle Club, Romford
04/06/78 Canterbury University
05/06/78 Sussex University, Brighton
06/06/78 Zero 6, Southend
07/06/78 Southampton University
08/06/78 Flamingo, Bradford on Avon
09/06/78 Playing Fields, Bristol
10/06/78 Rougement Gardens, Exeter
11/06/78 Marshall Rooms, Stroud
12/06/78 Warwick University, Coventry
16/06/78 Queen Elizabeth College, Kensington, London
17/06/78 Woodbridge Adventure Playground, London
20/06/78 Stonehenge Free Festival
22/07/78 Deeply Vale Festival, Manchester
12/08/78 Westbourne Park Gardens, London
19/08/78 Essex University, Colchester
20/08/78 Salford University
21/08/78 Tower Club, Oldham
23/08/78 Keele University, Stoke
25/08/78 Corn Exchange, Devizes
26/08/78 Corn Exchange, Devizes
27/08/78 University of East Anglia, Norwich
28/08/78 Nag’s Head, High Wycombe
29/08/78 London College of Printing
29/08/78 Westbourne Park Gardens, London
30/08/78 University of Sussex, Brighton
25/11/78 Salisbury College of Technology
(?) = noted but uncertainty with date / venue
(*) = cancelled (or date moved) / band did not show up