Sham 69

(Hersham, Surrey 75 – 83)
originally called Jimmy & the Ferrets


Official Pre-79 Releases;

I don’t wanna 7” (Step Forward, SF-4) released Aug 77. Also released as a 12” (same tracks)
Tracks: I don’t wanna, Ulster, Red London

What have we got (live) 1-sided 7”, recorded Marquee, London 21-10-77, given away free at gigs during Dec 77. track mis-titled Song of the Streets
Tracks: What have we got (live)

Borstal Breakout 7” (Polydor, 2058 966) released Jan 78
Tracks: Borstal Breakout, Hey Little Rich boy

Tell us the Truth LP (Polydor, 2383 491) released Feb 78, live recordings Marquee, London 21-10-77
Tracks: We got a fight (live), Rip off (live), Ulster (live), George davies is innocent (live), They don’t understand (live), Bortstal breakout (live), Family life, Hey little rich boy, I’m a man, I’m a boy, What about the lonely, Tell us the truth, Its never too late, Who’s generation

Angels with dirty faces 7” (Polydor, 2059 023) released May 78
Tracks: Angels with dirty faces, The Cockney kids are innocent

If the kids are united 7” (Polydor, 2059 050) released Jul 78
Tracks: If the kids are united, Sunday morning nightmare

Hurry up Harry 7” (Polydor, POSP-7) released Oct 78
Tracks: Hurry up Harry, No entry

Various Artists – Polydor Radio Sampler 12″ (Polydor, NW1) released 78
Tracks: Hurry up harry, Is this me or is this you

That’s Life LP (Polydor, POLD-5010) released 78
Tracks: Leave me alone, Who gives a damn, Everybody’s right everybody’s wrong, That’s life, Win or lose, Hurry up harry, Evil way, Reggae pick up part 1, Sunday morning nightmare, Reggae pick up part 2, Angels with dirty faces, Is this me or is this you


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Roxy, London Apr 77
Tracks: Rip off, Borstal breakout

BBC John Peel session 28-11-77
Tracks: Borstal breakout, Hey little rich boy, They don’t understand, Rip off, What ‘av we got

Vortex, London 3-1-78
Tracks:  Red London, I don’t wanna, George davis is innocent, Rip off, Family life, Ulster, I’m a may i’m a biy, Hey little rich boy, Borstal breakout, They don’t understand, It’s never too late, Ulster #2, What have we got

Outlook Club, Doncaster 10-1-78
Tracks: Borstal breakout, Borstal breakout #2, George davies, Hey little rich boy, I don’t wanna, I’m a man I’m a boy, It’s never too late, Red London, Rip off, Rip off #2, The lonely, They don’t understand, Ulster, What have we got

Roundhouse, London 12-2-78
Tracks: Red London, I Don’t Wanna, Rip Off, I’m A Man I’m A Boy, Tell Us The Truth, Ulster Boy, Borstal Breakout, It’s Never Too Late, Hey Little Rich Boy, They Don’t Understand, What About The Lonely?, What Have We Got, Borstal Breakout, George Davis Is Innocent, What Have We Got (Reprise)

Acetate 7″ (Utopia) recorded 78
Tracks: If the kids are united

Reading Festival 25-8-78. *included in Film: Kids Like Me & You (78)
Tracks: They Don’t understand, Borstal breakout*, White Riot, What have we got, Angels with dirty faces*, If the kids are united*


Further Information;

Line ups;

75 – Jun 77
Albie Maskill (bass)
Jimmy Pursey (voc)
Neil Harris (gtr)
Johnny Goodfornothing (gtr)
Billy Bostik (drms)
(Jimmy Edwards (drms/voc))

Jun – Oct 77
Albie Maskill (bass)
Jimmy Pursey (voc)
Dave Parsons (gtr)
Mark Cain (drms)

Oct 77 – May 79
Jimmy Pursey (voc)
Dave Parsons (gtr)
Mark Cain (drms)
Dave Treganna (bass)
(Tot Taylor (gtr/voc))

Aug 79 – Jul 80
Jimmy Pursey (voc)
Dave Parsons (gtr)
Dave Treganna (bass)
Rick Goldstein (drms)

Neil Harris, Mark Cain, Dave Parsons are later in Krusiers/Bobalouis
Jimmy Edwards & Jimmy Pursey later in Public Pisstakes
Jimmy Edwards is ex-Washington Flyers & solo projects, later in Mean Street
Dave Parsons is ex-Excalibur/Bobalouis/Hot Banana
Tot Taylor is ex-Advertising, later in Tot & the Girls from Room 419 (79)
Jimmy Pursey & Dave Treganna also in The Sham Pistols (79)
Dave Treganna, Dave Parsons & Mark Cain also in Jimmy Edwards & the Profile
Rick Goldstein is ex-Automatics