(Brighton, East Sussex 76 – 79)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Various Artists – Farewell to the Roxy LP (Lightning Records, LIP-2) recorded 1-1-78, released Apr 78
Tracks:  Here comes the Knife


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Canterbury Art College 76 (Tracks unknown)

7” acetate (EMIdisc, 78) from LIP-2
Tracks:  Here comes the knife


Further Information;


Line ups;

Swift                               Easy Glider                      XL5 #1
72-74                             73-76                                76
Bob Simmons (voc/gtr) Bob Simmons (voc/gtr)   Bob Simmons (voc/gtr)
Bruce Maine (bass)       Bruce Maine (bass)         Bruce Maine (bass)
Richard Adland (drms)  Dick Simmons (drms)     Dick Simmons (drms)

#2                                   #3
77-79                             79
Bob Simmons (voc/gtr) Mickey Timmons (voc)
Dick Simmons (drms)   Dick Simmons (drms)
Martin Ayris (bass)         Martin Ayris (bass)

Dick Simmons & Richard Adland later in Piranhas
Mickey Timmons is ex-Skidmarx (Cumbria)