also known as W.I.T.C.H. (We Intend To Cause Havoc)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Introduction LP (Zambia Music Parlour, ZMPL 5) released 74
Tracks: Introduction, Home Town (Instrumental), You Better Know, Feeling High, Like A Chicken, See You Mama, That’s What I Want, Try Me (Instrumental), No Time

In The Past LP (Zambia Music Parlour, ZMPL 7) released 74
Tracks: Living In The Past, Young Lady, Chance, It’s Alright, I’ve Been Away, I Like The Way I Am, The Only Way, Smiling Faces, She’s Mine, Mashed Potato

It’s Alright 7″ (Zambia Music Parlour, ZMPS 011) released ?
Tracks: It’s Alright, I Like The Way I Am

Lazy Bones!! LP (Zambezi, ZTZ 1) released 75
Tracks: Black Tears, Motherless Child, Tooth Factory, Strange Dream, Look Out, Havoc, October Night, Off Ma Boots, Lazy Bones, Little Clown

October Night 7″ (Zambezi, ZA 46) released ?
Tracks: October Night, Off Ma Boots

Lazy Bones 7″ (Zambezi, ZA 47) released ?
Tracks: Lazy Bones, Little Clown

Lukombo Vibes LP (Zambezi, ZTZ 7) recorded Sep 76, released 76
Tracks: Thou Shalt Not Cry, Bleeding Thunder, Devil’s Flight, Blood Donor, Nasauka, Evening Of My Life, Kangalaitoito, See-Saw

Including Janet LP (Teal Record Company Ltd Zambia, WIT 2) released 77
Tracks: Janet, As Days Go By, Ntedelakumbi, In Flight, Nazingwa, Silver Lady, Anyinamwana, Mama Feel Good, The Way I Feel


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

Gedeon Mulenga (bass)
Boidi Sinkala (drms)
Paul Mumba (keyb)
Chris Mbewe (gtr/voc)
Emanyeo Jagari Chanda (voc)
John Muma (gtr)

Gedeon Mulenga (bass)
Boidi Sinkala (drms)
Cosmos Zani (keyb)
Chris Mbewe (gtr/voc)
Emanyeo Jagari Chanda (voc)

Gedeon Mulenga (bass)
Boidi Sinkala (drms)
John Muma (gtr/voc)
Slim Ali (keyb)
Chris Mbewe (gtr/voc)
Emanyeo Jagari Chanda (voc)
Alex Kunda (perc)