(Perth, Western Australia mid 77 – mid 78, early 79)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Television Addict 7″ (Victims, MX 46813) recorded Nov 77, released Apr 78
Tracks: Television Addict, (I’m) Flipped Out Over You

No Thanks To The Human Turd 7″ EP (Victims, SMX 46871) recorded Mar 78, released Aug 78
Tracks: I Understand, Open Your Eyes, High School Girls, T.V. Freak, Disco Junkies


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded Aug 77 “Bad Demo”
Tracks: Horror Smash, Monster, I Wanna Be With You, Uranium, Charlie, Telethon Song, Victim, Out Of My Head, Girls Don’t Go For Punks

Hernando’s Hideaway, Perth 5-1-78
Tracks: Out Of My Head, I’m Looking For You, Television Addict, New Society, Elvis Is Dead, Charlie, I Feel Alright, Pretty Vacant, Monster, Dooeayh, Disco Junkies

Perth 78
Tracks: Chinese rocks #1, Chinese rocks #2, Out of my head, I’m looking for you, Television addict, New society, Elvis is dead. Helter skelter, I feel alright, Pretty vacant – flipped out over you, I wanna be a monster, Dooeayh, What the hell is new wave – disco junkie


Further Information;

Line ups:

Dave Faulkner (gtr/voc)
Dave Cardwell (bass)
James Baker (drms)

Dave Faulkner is ex-Beagle Boys, later in the Midget & the Farrellys, Manikins
James Baker is ex-The Geeks later in the Scientists
Dave Cardwell is ex-The Geeks