(London Feb 76 – present)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Chris Spedding & the Vibrators

Pogo Dancing 7″ (RAK, RAK-246) released Nov 76
Tracks: Pogo dancing, The pose

Various Artists – Hit Fever LP (Arcade, ADE G-41) released 78, Germany
Tracks: Pogo dancing


We vibrate 7″ (RAK, RAK-245) released Nov 76
Tracks: We vibrate, Whips & furs

Bad Times 7″ (RAK, RAK-253) released Mar 77
Tracks: Bad times, No heart

Baby Baby 7″ (Epic, S EPC-5302) released May 77
Tracks: Baby baby, Into the future

Pure Mania LP (Epic, EPC-82097) released Jun 77
Tracks: Into the future, Yeah yeah yeah, Sweet sweet heart, Keep it clean, Baby baby, No heart, She’s brining you down, Petrol, London girls, You broke my heart, Whips & Furs, Stiff little fingers, Wrecked on you, I need a slave, Bad time

London Girls 7″ promo (Epic, S EPC-5565 ADJ) *Marquee 30-7-77, released Aug 77
Tracks: London girls, London girls (live)*

London girls (live) 7″ (Epic, S EPC-5565) * Marquee 30-7-77, released Aug 77
Tracks: London girls (live)*, Stiff llittle fingers (live)*

Various Artists – Sounds like a good album to us: The sounds Album Vol. II LP promo (CBS, SOUND-2) released 77
Tracks: He’s a psycho

Automatic Lover 7″ (Epic, S EPC-6137) released Feb 78
Tracks: Automatic lover, Destroy

Baby baby 7″ (Columbia, 3-10685) released Feb 78, USA
Tracks: Baby baby, London girls

Baby baby (mono) 7″ promo (Columbia, 3-10685) released Feb 78, USA
Tracks: Baby baby (mono), Baby baby (stereo)

V2 LP (Epic, EPC-82495) released Apr 78
Tracks: Pure mania, Automatic lover, Flying duck theory, Public Enemy no.1, Destroy, Nazi baby, Wake up, Sulphate, 24 hour people, Fall in love, Feel alright, War zone, Troops of tomorrow

Judy says 7″ (Epic, S EPC-6393) released May 78
Tracks: Judy says, Pure mania

Various Artists – ΠΑΝΚ ΡΟΚ LP (Epic, EPCX-82061) released 78, Greece
Tracks: Baby baby, Automatic lover


Other Pre-79 Recordings;


Demos recorded 77/75
Tracks: Andy warhol, Country girl, Dance to the music, I can see it in your eyes, Lady easy action, Love is, Sailors on the sea, She’s bringing you daow, Sweet sweet heart


Demo recorded Mar 76
Tracks: Say mania

Demo recorded Apr 76
Tracks: She’s bringing you down, We vibrate

Demo recorded May 76
Tracks: Dance to the music, Interstellar overdrive, Young lust

Demo recorded Aug 76
Tracks: Andy warhol, I can see it in your eyes, Ready steady go

100 Club, London 21-9-76
Tracks: 1969, Jumpin jack flash, Saw her standing there, She’s bringing you down, Sweet sweet heart, Whips & furs

Acetate 7″ (Pye) recorded 76
Tracks: Do the pose

BBC John Peel session 21-10-76
Tracks: Dance To The Music, Sweet Sweetheart, Jenny Jenny, I’m Gonna Be Your Nazi Baby, We Vibrate

Unreleased 7″ (RAK, RAK-253) scheduled release Mar 77, Test pressings exist
Tracks: Bad time, No Head

Demo recorded Jun 77
Tracks: But I do, Feel alright, Flying duck theory, He’s a psycho, I loved her

BBC John Peel session 13-6-77
Tracks: Petrol, Keep It Clean, Baby Baby, London Girls, She’s Bringing You Down

Marquee, London 30-7-77
Tracks: 24 hour people, Automatic lover, Baby baby, Bad time, Flying duck theory, He’s a psycho, I feel alright, I need a slave, Jumpin jack flash, Keep it clean, London girls, No fun, Raw power, No heart, Sex kick, She’s bringing you down, Stiff
little fingers, Sweet sweet heart, Wake up, Whips & furs, Wrecked on you, You broke my heart

Live 4-8-77, Radio 1 In Concert
Tracks: Wrecked On You, London Girls, Stiff Little Fingers, Wake Up, He’s A Psycho, Baby Baby, Flying Duck Theory, Whips And Furs, I Need A Slave, Keep It Clean, Feel Alright, Sex Kick, Bad Time

100 Club, London 3-9-77
Tracks: Bad time, Feel alright, He’s a psycho, I need a slave, Into the future, Keep it clean, London girls, Stiff little fingers, Wake up, Whips & furs, Wrecked on you

Speakeasy, London Sep 77 “Jimmy Saville Show”
Tracks: 24 hour people, Flying duck theory, London girls, War zone

Demo recorded Oct 77
Tracks: 24 hour people, Drive, Eye witness, Public enemy no.1, Still not over you

Capitol Radio session 13-10-77
Tracks: Happy birthday

Demo recorded Nov 77
Tracks: City of mirrors, Dong, Frontline europe, Sometimes I want it so bad, Stitch you up

Nashville, London 77
Tracks: Baby baby, Bad time, I need a slave, Jumpin jack flash, Keep it clean, London girls, Nazi baby, No fun, Raw power, No heart, Petrol, Sex kick, She’s bringing you down, Stiff little fingers, Sweet sweet heart, Whips & furs, Wrecked on
you, Yeah yeah yeah, You broke my heart

BBC John Peel session 27-2-78
Tracks: Automatic Lover, Destroy, Troops Of Tomorrow, Fall In Love

New Regent Hotel, Brighton 17-3-78
Tracks: War zone, Wrecked on you, Sweet sweet heart, 24 hour people, Automatic lover, London girls, Flying duck theory, Public enemy no.1, Fall in love, Baby baby, Troops of tomorrow, Wake up, Keep it clean, Destroy, Bad time, Pure mania, Nazi baby, She’s bringing you down

BBC Old Grey Whistle Test 4-4-78
Tracks: War zone, Flying duck theory, Wake up

Paris Theatre, London 4-5-78
Tracks: 24 hour people, Automatic lover, Destroy, Eye witness, Fall in love, Judy says, Public enemy no.1, Troops of tomorrow, War zone, Pure mania

Revolver TV Show 78
Tracks: Judy says

Demo recorded 78, V2 LP outtake
Tracks: Pushin’ too hard


Further Information;

Line ups:

Despair                                 Vibrators #1                   #2
c73 – 75                                Feb 76 – Jun 77             Jun 77 – Mar 78
Richard Wenham (drms)     Knox (gtr/voc)               Knox (gtr/voc)
John Reeves (gtr)                 Eddie (drms)                Eddie (drms)
Knox (gtr/voc)                       John Ellis (gtr)               John Ellis (gtr)
Ray Cooper (drms)              Pat Collier (bass)          Gary Tibbs (bass)
Dave Wernham (bass)        Chris Spedding (gtr)
Dave Fudger (gtr)

#3                                         #4                                   #5
Apr – Jun 78                          Aug – Oct 78                  Oct 78 – mid 80
Gary Tibbs (bass)                Knox (gtr/voc)                Eddie (drms)
Knox (gtr/voc)                      Eddie (drms)                  Phil Ram (gtr)
Eddie (drms)                        Ben Brierley (bass)        Ian Woodcock (bass)
David Birch (gtr)                   Greg Van Cook (gtr)       Kip (voc)
Don Snow (keyb)                                                         Adrian Wyatt (gtr)

Richard Wernham is later in Bazooka Joe, Snakes
Dave Fudger is later in Snivelling Shits
Jonathan ‘Eddie’ Edwards, John Ellis, Pat Collier are ex-Bazooka Joe, Eddie Edwards also later in PiL
Pat Collier later in Boyfriends, Knox, Eddie & Greg Van Cook are also in Roses Are Red
Gary Tibbs is ex-Automatics, later in Masterswitch, Roxy Music, Blast Furnace, Code Blue (US)Adam & the Ants
David Birch is later in Bruce Woolley & the Camera Club
Jon Snow is later in Sinceros
John Ellis is later in Rapid Eye Movement, Drones
Ben Brierley is ex-Streak, Front, also in Dave Goodman & Friends, later in Nazi’s Against Fascism (79)
Ian Woodcock is ex-Eater, also in Dave Goodman & Friends
Kip is ex-Cane, Greg Van is ex-Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, Front and also in The Innocents
Ian (Knox) Carnochan is ex-Renegades, Knox & the Nightriders (61), Heavy Parrot (74), Rocking Pneumonia, Despair, Lipstick, Stilleto