Tyla Gang

(London autumn 75 – 79)
Pub Rock


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Styrofoam 7″ (Stiff, BUY-4), recorded summer 76, released Sep 76
Tracks: Styrofoam, Texas Chainsaw massacre boogie

Amsterdam Dog 7″ (Dynamo, DYR-45002) released Nov 76, Holland
Tracks:Amsterdam Dog, Midnight moon

Suicide Jockey 7″ (Skydog, ST-001) recorded summer 76, released 77, France
Tracks: Suicide jockey, Cannons of the boogie night

Dust on the needle 7″ (Beserkley, BZZ-5) released Oct 77
Tracks: Dust on the needle, Pool hall punks

Yachtless LP (Beserkley, BSERK-11) released Dec 77
Tracks: Hurricane, Dust On The Needle, On The Street, New York Sun, Speedball Morning, Don’t Shift A Gear, Lost Angels, The Young Lords, Whizz Kids, Don’t Turn Your Radio On

Sean’s Demos 7″ (Beserkley, SEAN-1) released Dec 77, Free with Yachtless LP
Tracks: Suicide Jockey, It’s Only Rock And Roll (But It Gets Up Your Nose), Mad Muchachos, Cannons Of The Boogie Night

Various Artists – A Bunch Of Stiff Records LP (Stiff, SEEZ-2) released 77
Tracks: The young lords

Various Artists – Hits greatest stiffs LP (Stiff, FIST-1) released 77
Tracks: Styrofoam, Texas chainsaw massacer boogie

Tropical Love 7″ (Beserkley, BZZ-15) released Jul 78
Tracks: Tropical love, Walking the dog (live)

Moonproof LP (Beserkley, BSERK-16) released 78
Tracks: Tropical Love, Oakland Red, It’s Gonna Rain, Did Your Hear It On The Radio, Rodeo, Spanish Street, No Roses, American Mother, Suicide Jockey, Flashing In The Subway

Various Artists – Bezerk Times 2xLP (Beserkley, 6.28 457) released 78, Germany
Tracks: The Young Lords, Styrofoam, Fireball, Hurricane / Whizz Kids

Various Artists – Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival 2xLP (Warner Bros, K-66077) released 78
Tracks: Styrofoam, On the street

Various Artists – Stiff Records 10×7″ Box set (Stiff) released 78
Tracks: Styrofoam, Texas chainsaw massacer boogie

Various Artists – La Creme De Skydog LP (Skydog, SGC-0017) released 78, France
Tracks: Its only rock n roll


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Tyla Gang

Demos recorded late 75 (Skydog)
Tracks: Suicide Jockey, Cannons Of The Boogie Night, Paris Boogie, Hold On To My Love, Styrofoam, Whizz Kids, Speedball Morning, Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, Keep From Movin’, Cannons Of The Boogie Night (Alt. version), Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie

Demos recorded 75/76? (With Maynard Ferguson)(Tracks unknown)

Demo recorded summer 76, Peeble Beach studios, *released as Stiff Records 7″, ** released on Skydog Records 7″
Tracks: Suicide Jockey**, Cannons of the boogie night**, Syrofoam*, Texas chainsaw massacre boogie*, It’s only rock n roll

Styrofoam 7″ Acetate (Master Room) recorded/released 76
Tracks: Styrofoam, Chainsaw Boogie

BBC John Peel session 30-5-77
Tracks: Young lords, Don’t shift the gear, Wizz kid, Speedball morning

Whizz Kid 7″ Acetate (Trident) released/recorded 77
Tracks: Whizz Kid, Speedball Morning

Live Aug 77
Tracks: Styrofoam, Speedball Morning, Lost Angels, I Don’t Want Your Love, Suicide Jockey, Cannons of the Boogie Night, Fireball, Gonna Take Me Away, Pool Hall Punks, Walkin’ The Dog, Hurricane, Whizz Kids

BBC John Peel session 4-10-77
Tracks: On the street, Don’t turn your radion on, Styrofoam, Dust on the needle

Audimax, Hamburg 15-3-78
Tracks: The young lords, Don’t shift a gear, Fireball, Flashin’ in the subway, Hurricane, It’s gonna rain, Moonlight Ambulance, On the street, On your way down, Pool hall punks, Styrofoam, Suicide jockey, Walking the dog, Whizz kids

BBC John Peel session 9-8-78
Tracks: No roses, It’s gonna rain, Spanish streets, Moonlight ambulance

Demos recorded 77 – 78
Tracks: On The Street, Don’t Turn Your Radio On, Styrofoam, Dust On The Needle, No Roses, It’s Gonna Rain, Spanish Streets, Moonlight Ambulance; Jungle of Love, Bar du Telephon, Amsterdam Dog, Chasing The Dragon, Out on the Run, Whaleback Boogie, Moonlight Ambulance 2.

Speedballs (Sean Tyla)

Demo recorded 78
Tracks: Speedball Jive


Further Information;


Line ups:

autumn 75 – spring 76
Sean Tyla (voc/gtr)
Gary Tyler (gtr)
Phil Nedin (drms)
Peter O’Sullivan (bass)

spring – summer 76
Sean Tyla (voc/gtr)
Gary Tyler (gtr)
Phil Nedin (drms)
Richard Treece (bass)
Peter O’Sullivan (bass)

summer 76
Sean Tyla (voc/gtr)
Phil Nedin (drms)
Peter O’Sullivan (bass)
Tweke Lewis (gtr)

77 – mid 78
Sean Tyla (voc/gtr)
Bruce Irvine (gtr)
Brian Turrington (bass)
Mike Desmarais (drms)

mid – Sep 78
Sean Tyla (voc/gtr)
Bruce Irvine (gtr)
Mike Desmarais (drms)
Ken Whaley (bass)

Sep 78 – 79
Sean Tyla (voc/gtr)
Bruce Irvine (gtr)
Mike Desmarais (drms)
Richard Treece (bass)

Sean Tyla is ex-Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band, Third World (70), Help Yourself, Ducks Deluxe, also in The Takeaways, Spitballs and later solo, The Force
Peter O’Sullivan is ex-Jack Straw
Richard Treece is ex-Help Yourself
Tweke Lewis is ex-Man
Bruce Irvine is later in Lightning Raiders
Brian Turrington is ex-Winkies, Chrome
Mike Desmarais is ex-Winkies and also in John Cale‘s band
Ken Whaley is ex-Help Yourself, Ducks Deluxe, Iceberg, Man