This Heat

(Camberwell, London early 76 – 82)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

This Heat LP (Piano, THIS-1) recorded Feb 76 – Sep 78, released Aug 79
Tracks: Testcard, Horizontal Hold, Not Waving, Water, Twilight Furniture, 24 Track Loop, Diet of Worms, Music Like Escaping Gas, Rainforest, The Fall of Saigon, Testcard


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo cassette ‘Reference’ recorded late 76 – early 77
Tracks: Testcard, Horizontal Hold, Not waving, A diet of worms, Aerial photography, The rough and the smooth, Rimp romp ramp, The fall of saigon

BBC John Peel session 28-3-77
Tracks: Horizontal Hold, Not Waving, The Fall Of Saigon

Demo sessions recorded 77 – 78 with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh
Tracks: (various cassette recordings)

BBC John Peel session 26-10-77
Tracks: Rimp Romp Ramp, Makeshift Swahili, Sitting, Basement Boy, Slither

Collegiate Theatre, LSE, London 30-6-78
Tracks: Horizontal Hold, Twilight Furniture, Water/ Not waving, Improvisation, The Fall of Saigon, Music Like Escaping Gas

Live 78/79 (Venue unknown)
Tracks: Horizontal hold, Improvisation, Triumph, Cenotaph


Further Information;

Line up:

Charles Bullen (gtr/voc)
Charles Hayward (drms/keyb)
Gareth Williams (keyb/gtr/bass)

Charles Hayward & Charles Bullen are ex-Radar Favourites (74-75)
Charles Hayward is ex-Gong, Quiet Sun, also in Crass (c77), later in Camberwell Now
Charles Bullen later recorded as Lifetones
Gareth Williams later in Flaming Tunes