(London late 75 – May 76)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded 78/79?
Tracks:  Chinese Shadows


Further Information;

Line ups:

cMay 76
Nick Kent (voc/gtr)
Rat Scabies (drms)
Brian James (gtr)
Hermine Demoriene (voc)
Eyno (voc)
Ray Burns (bass)

Nick Kent (gtr)
Hermine Demoriene (voc)
Peter Perrett (gtr)
Mike Kellie (drms)
Tony James (bass)
John Perry (gtr)

Nick Kent (voc/gtr)
Jimmy Hughes (bass)
Chris Musto (drms)

Nick Kent is ex-Sex Pistols, London SS
Rat Scabies & Brian James are ex-London SS, later in Masters Or the Backside, Damned
Hermine Demoriene is ex-Moody & the Menstruators, Bongo Fury, Coum Transmissions, later in Flying Lizards
Ray Burns (Captain Sensible) is ex-Johnny Moped, later in Masters Of The Backside, Damned
Jimmy Hughes is ex-The Banned, Cowboys International, Tony James is also in Generation X
Chris Musto is later in Flying Padovani’s, Peter Perrett, John Perry & Mike Kelly also in The Only Ones