(Cleveland, Ohio, USA 75 – 8?)
originally known as Styrene Money


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Poli Styrene Jass Band

Drano in Your Veins 7″ (Mustard, MM 101) recorded Jun* & Sep 75**, released Oct 75
Tracks: Drano In Your Veins**, Circus Highlights*

Styrene Money

Radial Arm Saws 7″ (Mustard, MM 102) released Feb 77. *with Jack Lefton
Tracks: Radial Arm Saws, Just Walking*

I Saw You 7″ EP (Mustard, MM 103) recorded Sep 77, released Oct 77
Tracks: I Saw You, Jaguar Ride, Everything Near Me


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded Sep 72 (Paul Marotta, John Morton, Jill Magnuson)
Tracks: Mr Crab

Demo recorded Sep 73 (Paul Marotta solo)
Tracks: You’re Trash

Demo recorded Sep 75
Tracks: Unhinged Melody

Demos recorded 21-11-75 Styrene studios, Cleveland
Tracks: Thirty Four

Demo recorded Mar 76 (Paul Marotta solo)
Tracks: Grey Haired Rats

Demos recorded 2-5-76
Tracks: Pleasure Boating, Nineteen Sixtyseven

Demos recorded 16/18-5-76 Styrene studios, Cleveland
Tracks: Radial Arms Saws, Just Walking

Demos recorded 19/20-6-76 Styrene studios, Cleveland
Tracks: As If I Cared

Demos recorded 5-2-77 Styrene studios, Cleveland
Tracks: The Social Whirlpool

Demos recorded 12/13-7-77 Styrene studios, Cleveland
Tracks: Draw the Curtain


Further Information;

Line ups:

“Rehearsal Group”
cSep 72
Paul Marotta (gtr/voc/keyb)
John Morton (gtr/voc)
Jill Magnuson (voc)

Poli Styrene Jass Band
cAug 75
Jim Jones (bass)
Anton Fier (drms)
Paul Marotta (keyb/voc)
Jamie Klimek (gtr)

Styrene Money Band
Anton Fier (drms)
Paul Marotta (keyb/voc)
Jamie Klimek (gtr)

Styrene Money Band
Mike Antle (bass/voc)
Anton Fier (drms)
Jamie Klimek (gtr)
Paul Marotta (keyb/voc)

Styrene Money Band/Styrenes
cJul 77 –
Mike Antle (bass/voc)
Jamie Klimek (gtr)
Danny Foland (drms)
Paul Marotta (keyb/voc)

Dan Foland is ex-Electric Eels, also in Bill Hagan‘s band, later in Baloney Heads
Paul Marotta is ex-Mirrors, Electric Eels, also in Bernie & the Invisibles
John Morton is ex-Mirrors, later in Electric Eels, Ex-Blank-Ex, Johnny & the Dicks
Jamie Klimek is ex-Mirrors, Electric Eels
Anton Fier is ex-Mirrors, Electric Eels, also in Friction, later in Ex-Blank-Ex, Feelies, Lounge LIzards, Voidoids
Jim Jones is ex-Mirrors, Electric Eels