(New York City c72 – Jul 74, late 76 – 78)
also known as Elda & the Stillettos, later known as Stilletto’s Fads (78)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

“Elda Stiletto”

New York New Wave LP (Bellaphon, BBS 2561) recorded 78, released Jan 79
Tracks: Fly On By, Feedback

Various Artists – Permanent New Wave LP (Plastic Poison, LPMRC 1478) recorded 78, released 79
Tracks: Feedback

Other Pre-79 Recordings;


Demos recorded 72-79
Tracks: Anti-Disco, Cutty Sark Into Rollin’ On, Fly On By, Mercer Street, Can’t Keep Foolin’ Yourself, Blood From A Stone, Wonder Why, Hold Me, Pink Stilettos, Feedback Rock

Punk Rock Film (dir. Carter Stevens) released 77 (Tracks unknown)

Stilletto Fads

CBGB’s, New York 78 or Apr 79?
Tracks: Jerkoff Blues, Anti Disco


Further Information;

Line ups:

Elda Gentile (voc, 72-79)
Scheebo Pampillonia (voc/gtr 72-79)
Alter Ego
Owen Swenson
Fast Eddy (drms)
Buddy Bowzer
Rick Derringer
Walter Lure (gtr)
Billy Rath (bass)
Eileen Bellomo (voc)
Tish Bellomo (voc)
Neon Leon (gtr)
Pery Robinson
Mugzy O’Harlot
Deborah Harry (voc, Oct 73-Aug 74)
Chris Stein (gtr, Oct 73-Aug 74)
Fred Smith (bass, Oct 73-Aug 74)
Billy O’Connor (drms, Oct 73-Aug 74)
Rosie Ross
Amanda Jones (voc, 73-)

Stiletto Fads
Elda Gentile (voc)
Schebo Pampillonia (gtr)
Mugsy O’Harlot (bass)
Fast Eddie (drms)
Tish Bellomo (voc)
Snooky Bellomo (voc)
Cheetah Chrome (gtr)
James Wynbrandt (gtr)
Tom Wynbrandt (gtr)

Deborah Harry is ex-Wind In the Willows, late in Blondie.  Rosie Ross later performs with Emilio Cubeiro
Chris Stein, Billy O’Connor, Fred Smith later in Blondie
Walter Lure is ex-Demons, also in The Heartbreakers
Billy Rath also in The Heartbreakers.
Cheetah Chrome is ex-Rocket From the Tombs, also in The Dead Boys
Eileen Bellomo, Tish Bellomo are ex- Savage Voodoo Nuns (74), later in Blondie, Drop Outs, Sic F*cks
James Wynbrandt, Tom Wynbrandt are aslo in the Miamis