Stiff Little Fingers

(Belfast, Northern Ireland 77 – early 83)
originally called Highway Star


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Suspect Device 7” (Rigid Digits, SRD-1) released Mar 78
Tracks: Suspect Device, Wasted Life

Alternative Ulster 7″ (Rough Trade/Rigid Digits, RT-004) released Oct 78
Tracks: Alternative Ulster, 78rpm

Inflammable Material LP (Rough Trade, ROUGH-1) recorded Nov 78, released Feb 79
Tracks: Suspect device, State of emergency, Here we are nowhere, Wasted life, No more of that, Barbed wire love, White noise, Breakout, Law and order, Rough trade, Johnny was, Alternative Ulster, Closed groove


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

BBC John Peel session, recorded Downtown Radio studio, transmitted 13-4-78
Tracks: Alternative Ulster, Johnny was, State of emergency, Wasted life

BBC session? May 78
Tracks: No more of that, White noise

Live 3-6-78 (Venue unknown)
Tracks: Suspect device

BBC John Peel session recorded 12-9-78
Tracks: Barbed wire love, Johnny was, Law & order, Suspect device

Various Artists – Shellshock Rock Film by John T Davis (79) recorded 25-10-78
Tracks: Alternative Ulster


Further Information;

Line ups;

Highway Star                 Stiff Little Fingers #1            #2
75 – Apr 77                     Apr 77 – Apr 79                    Apr 79 – late 81
Jake Burns (voc/gtr)      Jake Burns (voc/gtr)           Jake Burns (voc/gtr)
Henry Cluney (gtr)         Henry Cluney (gtr)              Henry Cluney (gtr)
Gordon Blair (bass)       Ali McMordie (bass)            Ali McMordie (bass)
Brian Faloon (drms)      Brian Faloon (drms)           Jim Reilly (drms)

late 81 – Feb 83
Ali McMordie (bass)
Jake Burns (voc/gtr)
Henry Cluney (gtr)
Brian Taylor (drms)

Gordon Blair later in Rudi, Brian Taylor is ex-Tom Robinson Band
Jim Reilly later in The Starjets