(Dublin, Republic Of Ireland 71 – 83)
Powerpop / Pub Rock


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Good morning little schoolgirl 7″ (Mulligan, LUNS-007) released Apr 77, Ireland
Tracks: Good morning little schoolgirl, Deep feeling


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

RTE Radio Broadcast Sep 78, Ken’s Klub
Tracks: Kick back to reality, Mama told me not to come, Cool of the night, Zelda, Big Star, I’ve been losing, The factory, Too long on the road, That’s the why, Front page news, She’s a mover, Stagalee

unreleased 7″ (Mulligan, LUNS-010) scheduled release 78
Tracks: Too long on the road


Further Information;

Line ups:

#1                                          #2                                     #3
71 –
Bobby Kelly (gtr/voc)            Bobby Kelly (gtr/voc)        Bobby Kelly (gtr/voc)
Jimmy Faulkner (gtr)            Jimmy Faulkner (gtr)        Chris Meehan (keyb)
Basil Hendricks (gtr)            Chris Meehan (keyb)         Bob Bolton (bass)
Chris Meehan (keyb)            Bob Bolton (bass)            Robbie Brennan (drms)
Bob Bolton (bass)                Robbie Brennan (drms)   Brenny Bonass (gtr)
Ritchie McCabe (drms)

#4                                         #5                                      #6
c76                                       c77                                    c77
Bobby Kelly (gtr/voc)           Robbie Brennan (drms)    Robbie Brennan (drms)
Bob Bolton (bass)               Brenny Bonass (gtr)          Brenny Bonass (gtr)
Robbie Brennan (drms)      Dave MacAnaney (keyb)   Dave MacAnaney (keyb)
Brenny Bonass (gtr)            Gerry O’Donavan (bass)  Deke O’Brien (gtr)
Dave MacAnaney (keyb)     Deke O’Brien (gtr)             Tommy Moore (bass)

#7                                         #8
c77 – late 78                         79
Robbie Brennan (drms)       Robbie Brennan (drms)
Brenny Bonass (gtr)            Brenny Bonass (gtr)
Dave MacAnaney (keyb)     Dave MacAnaney (keyb)
Deke O’Brien (gtr)               Paul Ashford (bass/voc)
Paul Ashford (bass/voc)      Mark Costigan (gtr)

Bob Bolton, Robbie Brennan & Brendan Bonass are ex-Chosen Few
Deke O’Brien is ex- Nightbus, Bees Make Honey