Stadium Dogs

(Swindon, Wiltshire Jan 77 – 79)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Stadium Dogs

Easy beat 7” (Audiogenic, A-17) released Dec 77
Tracks: Easy beat, Media withdrawl, Android rocker

Easy beat 7” (Magnet, MAG-114) re-released Mar 78
Tracks: Easy beat, Media withdrawl, Android rocker

Love on the airwaves 7” (Magnet, MAG-135) released Nov 78
Tracks: Love on the airwaves, One hour bad feelings

What’s Next LP (Magnet, MAG-5025) released Dec 78
Tracks: Fallout victim, What’s next, Love on the airwaves, Doolally, Are you ready for the eighties, Valve head, Easy beat, Getting’ kicks, Why diamonds, Don’t split your levi’s janet, Fab gear, Midnight movies

Magnus Uggla (with The Stadium Dogs)

Vittring LP (CBS, CBS-83113) released 78, Sweden
Tracks: Drommen som gick i kras, Jag vill inte ga hit, Asfaltbarn, Hjartekrossare, Stjarn…f, Faderskapet, Nugen, Vittring, A han kysste mej, Gud jag ska bli bra, Lena


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

#1                                         #2                                       #3
Chip Bailey (drms)              Stan Pearce (drms)           Kevin Wilkinson (drms)
Jonathan Perkins (keyb/v)  Jonathan Perkins (keyb/v)  Jonathan Perkins (keyb/voc)
Kirk Thorn (gtr/voc)             Kirk Thorn (gtr/voc)            Kirk Thorn (gtr/voc)
Paul Griffiths (gtr/voc)         Paul Griffiths (gtr/voc)        Paul Griffiths (gtr/voc)
Paul Cousino (bass)           Paul Cousino (bass)          Paul Cousino (bass)

Jonathan Perkins is ex-XTC, later in Original Mirrors
Kevin Wilkinson is ex-Those Naughty Lumps, later in Romantix