(Deptford, London Mar 74 – 82)
Originally called Cum, Captain Trundlow’s Sky Company, Skyco (all 73/74)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Packet of Three EP 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-01) released Aug 77
Tracks: Cat on a wall, Night ride, Back track

Take me I’m yours 7″ (A&M, AMS-7335) released Feb 78
Tracks: Take me I’m yours, Night nurse

Squeeze LP (A&M, AMLH-68465) recorded 77, released Mar 78
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Strong in Reason, Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil, Out of Control, Take Me I’m Yours, The Call, Model, Remember What, First Thing Wrong, Hesitation (Rool Britannia), Get Smart

Take me I’m yours (mono) 7″ promo (A&M, 2033) released Apr 78, USA
Tracks: Take me I’m yours (mono), Take me i’m yours (stereo)

Bang Bang 7″ (A&M, AMS-7360) released May 78
Tracks: Bang bang, All fed up

Goodbye girl 7″ (A&M, AMS-7398) released Nov 78
Tracks: Goodbye girl, Saints alive

Cool For Cats LP (A&M, AMLH, 68503) recorded 78, released Apr 79
Tracks: Slap and Tickle, Revue, Touching Me Touching You, It’s Not Cricket, It’s So Dirty, The Knack, Hop, Skip & Jump, Up the Junction, Hard to Find, Slightly Drunk, Goodbye Girl, Cool for Cats

Various Artists – Foreplay: A&M’s Pre-Release Sampler (1978) LP promo (A&M, SP-17017) released 78, USA
Tracks: Take me i’m yours, First thing wrong

Various Artists – No Wave LP (A&M, SP-4738) released 78, USA
Tracks: Take me i’m yours, Strong in reason

Various Artists – ΠΑΝΚ ΡΟΚ LP (Epic, EPCX-82061) released 78, Greece
Tracks: Take me I’m yours

Jools Holland

Boogie Woogie ’78 EP 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-03) released Mar 78
Tracks: Buick 48, Deptford Broadway Boogie, Boogie Woogie Country Girl, Mess Around, Should Have Known Better


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded 77 pre-A&M
Tracks: Goodbye Girl, Heat in the Night, There’s Rumours Going Round

Take Me I’m Yours 7″ Acetate (RCA) released/recorded 77
Tracks: Take Me I’m Yours, Cat on the Wall

Unreleased 7″ (BTM, SBT-107) schedule release Jan 77
Tracks: Take me i’m yours, No disco kid no

BBC John Peel session 17-8-77
Tracks: Cat on the wall, Model, All fed up, Sex master

Demo recorded 77/78
Tracks: Heartbreak

Top Rank, Brighton 15-2-78
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Strong In Reason, Model, The Call, First Thing Wrong, Backtrack, Cat On A Wall

Apollo Theatre, Glasgow 4-3-78
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Take Me I’m Yours, Strong in Reason, Model, Deep Cuts, First Thing Wrong, Down the Road a Piece, Back Track, Cat on a Wall

BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Apr 78
Tracks: Intro, Back track, Ain’t it sad, Strong in reason, Model, Take me I’m yours, Bang bang, First thing wrong, I don’t like you, Cat on a wall

BBC John Peel session 3-5-78
Tracks: Bang bang, Ain’t it sad, I must go, The knack

My Fathers Place, New York 10-6-78 or 1-6-78?
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Take Me I’m Yours, Strong In Reason, Model, Deep Cuts, First Thing Wrong, Down The Road Apiece, Backtrack, Cat On The Wall

Unreleased 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-06) schedule release Jul 78
Tracks: Deep cuts, Deeper cuts

Reading Festival 27-8-78
Tracks: Bang Bang, (unknown)


Further Information;


Line ups:

Squeeze #1
Mar 74 – 76
Chris Difford (gtr/voc)
Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)
Jools Holland (keyb)
Paul Gunn (drms)
Harry Kakoulli (bass)

76 – Apr 79
Chris Difford (gtr/voc)
Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)
Jools Holland (keyb)
Harry Kakoulli (bass)
Gilson Lavis (drms)

Apr 79 – 80
Chris Difford (gtr/voc)
Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)
Jools Holland (keyb)
Gilson Lavis (drms)
John Bentley (bass)

80 – 81
Chris Difford (gtr/voc)
Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)
John Bentley (bass)
Gilson Lavis (drms)
Paul Carrack (keyb/voc)

81 – 82
Chris Difford (gtr/voc)
Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)
Gilson Lavis (drms)
John Bentley (bass)
Don Snow (keyb)

Jools Holland Band
Brent Cross (bass)
Gilson Lavis (drms)
Glen Tilbrook (gtr)
Jools Holland (keyb/voc)

Harry Kakoulli is ex-England’s Glory
John Bentley is ex-Blood Donor, Snips
Paul Carrack is ex-Warm Dust, Ace, Roxy Music, Retainers
Don Snow is ex-Sinceros
Jools Holland also in Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, Alternative TV and solo
Jools Holland, Harry Kakoulli & Glenn Tilbrook also in Pete Perrett’s Band


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)

05/74      Northover, Catford
08/74      Trentishoe Rock Festival (Difford & Tilbrook)
24/08/74 Windsor Free Festival (Difford & Tilbrook)
12/74      Camden Girls School, London
04/75      Town Hall, Greenwich, London
06/75      Catford Girls School
07/75      Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
10/09/75 Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
17/09/75 Greyhound, Fulham Palace Road, London
26/09/75 City Hall, St Albans
30/09/75 Leeds Polytechnic
02/10/75 University of London (Kings College)
03/10/75 Aston University, Birmingham
04/10/75 Fiesta Club, Plymouth
09/10/75 Middlesex Polytechnic
10/10/75 Surrey University, Guildford
17/10/75 Trafford College, Manchester
18/10/75 University of East Anglia, Norwich
23/10/75 Warwick University, Coventry
25/10/75 Kingston Polytechnic, London
01/11/75 Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
07/11/75 Sussex University, Brighton
08/11/75 Bishop Otter College, Chichester
15/11/75 Birmingham University
20/11/75 Granary, Bristol
21/11/75 Youth Wing, Bridgend
22/11/75 RAF Brawdy, Cardiff
27/11/75 York College of Art
30/11/75 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
05/12/75 St Peter’s Hall, St Albans
06/12/75 Southampton University
08/12/75 Tramshed, Woolwich, London
09/12/75 Tramshed, Woolwich, London
12/12/75 Dental College, London
16/12/75 St Dunstans School, Catford
04/76      Bricklayers Arms, Greenwich
08/76      Bricklayers Arms, Greenwich
29/05/76 Oxford Arms, Deptford
05/06/76 Oxford Arms, Deptford
06/06/76 Tramshed, Woolwich, London
02/07/76 Bricklayers Arms, Dartford
06/07/76 Albany Empire, Deptford
09/07/76 Bricklayers Arms, Dartford
16/07/76 Bricklayers Arms, Dartford
17/07/76 Oxford Arms, Deptford
06/08/76 Bricklayers Arms, Dartford
13/08/76 Bricklayers Arms, Dartford
25/08/76 Golden Lion, Fulham, London
05/09/76 City Hall, Chichester
07/09/76 Upstairs at Ronnie’s, Soho, London
15/09/76 Bricklayers Arms, Dartford
23/09/76 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
24/09/76 Middlesex Polytechnic
28/09/76 Golden Lion, Fulham, London
14/10/76 Queensway (Civic) Hall, Dunstable
16/10/76 Sheffield University
21/10/76 Warwick University, Coventry
22/10/76 Rugby
23/10/76 Manchester University
25/10/76 Civic Hall, Guildford
27/10/76 Albany Empire, Deptford
07/11/76 Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon
15/11/76 Seagull, Greenford
19/11/76 Red Deer, Croydon
22/11/76 Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington
25/11/76 Albany Empire, Deptford
26/11/76 University of London (Imperial College)
28/11/76 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
29/11/76 Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London
09/12/76 Melkweg, Amsterdam
10/12/76 Boddy’s Music Inn, Amsterdam
11/12/76 Boddy’s Music Inn, Amsterdam
15/12/76 Congreshal, Amsterdam
22/12/76 Bricklayers Arms, Dartford
14/01/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
16/01/77 Greenwich Theatre, London
20/01/77 Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London
21/01/77 Bedford College, Regents Park, London
22/01/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
23/01/77 Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead
26/01/77 Coventry College of Education
28/01/77 Camberwell School of Art, London
29/01/77 Leicester University
08/02/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
11/02/77 Silso College, Bedford
12/02/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
16/02/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
19/02/77 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
22/02/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
02/03/77 Bell, Kings Cross, London
05/03/77 City Hall, St Albans
06/03/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
11/03/77 Woods, Drake Circus, Plymouth
17/03/77 Red Cow, Hammersmith Rd, London
18/03/77 University of London (Royal Holloway College)
28/03/77 Harvey’s Club, Charlton
07/04/77 Red Deer, Croydon
11/04/77 Toby Jug, Tolworth
12/04/77 Railway Pub, Putney, London
15/04/77 Rock Garden, Middlesbrough
17/04/77 Bridge House, Canning Town, London
22/04/77 JB’s Club, Dudley
23/04/77 Reading University
24/04/77 JB’s Club, Dudley
25/04/77 Harvey’s Club, Charlton
28/04/77 Red Cow, Hammersmith Rd, London
07/05/77 University of London (Malet Street)
09/05/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
18/05/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
20/05/77 Village Bowl, Bournemouth
24/05/77 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
26/05/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
30/05/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
02/06/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
06/06/77 Bell, Kings Cross, London
07/06/77 Bell, Kings Cross, London
09/06/77 Farrer House, London
25/06/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
26/06/77 Crossfield Estate, Deptford
27/06/77 Red Deer, Croydon
07/07/77 University of London (Malet Street)
12/07/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
19/07/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
26/07/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
28/07/77 Albany Empire, Deptford
28/07/77 Albany, Gt Portland Street, London
29/07/77 Red Cow, Hammersmith Rd, London
05/08/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
08/08/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
09/08/77 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
11/08/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
12/08/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
13/08/77 Chiselhurst Caves
14/08/77 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
18/08/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London (?)
18/08/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
20/08/77 Village Inn, High Road, Wembley
21/08/77 Other Cinema, Charlotte Street, London
22/08/77 Russell Gardens, London
25/08/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London (?)
25/08/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
29/08/77 Russell Gardens, Kensington
09/09/77 Albany Empire, Deptford
13/10/77 Bedford College, Regents Park, London
14/10/77 Reading University
15/10/77 Broadway Queen, Deptford
19/10/77 76 Club, Burton-on-Trent
20/10/77 Albany Empire, Deptford
20/10/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
22/10/77 North Staffs Polytechnic, Stoke-on-Trent
22/10/77 Stoke Polytechnic
23/10/77 Top Rank, Southampton
24/10/77 Gibus Club, Paris
04/11/77 Over de Brug, Gouda, Holland
05/11/77 Project Club, Tilburg
06/11/77 Melkweg, Amsterdam
08/11/77 Boddy’s Music Inn, Amsterdam
09/11/77 Boddy’s Music Inn, Amsterdam
03/12/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
08/12/77 Lower Club, Coventry
09/12/77 Middlesex Polytechnic
12/12/77 Railway Hotel, West Hampstead (Moonlight), London
14/12/77 Tights, Beckenham
17/12/77 Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington
12/01/78 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
13/01/78 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
21/01/78 Thames Polytechnic, Woolwich, London
28/01/78 Wakefield College of Art & Technology
03/02/78 Village Bowl, Bournemouth
03/02/78 Westfield College, Hampstead, London
09/02/78 Barbarella’s, Birmingham (?)
09/02/78 Rebecca’s, Birmingham
11/02/78 Rainbow Upstairs, Finsbury, London
15/02/78 Top Rank, Brighton
16/02/78 Village Bowl, Bournemouth
17/02/78 JB’s Club, Dudley
18/02/78 Friars (Maxwell Hall), Aylesbury
19/02/78 Locarno, Bristol
20/02/78 Exeter University
21/02/78 Top Rank, Cardiff
22/02/78 Top Rank, Swansea
24/02/78 Salford University, Manchester
25/02/78 Leeds University
26/02/78 Civic Hall, Middleton
26/02/78 Town Hall, Middlesbrough (?)
27/02/78 Town Hall, Hartlepool
01/03/78 City Hall, Newcastle
02/03/78 Caird Hall, Dundee
03/03/78 Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen
03/03/78 Elizabethan Ballroom, Belle Vue, Manchester (?)
04/03/78 Apollo, Glasgow
05/03/78 Usher Hall, Edinburgh
07/03/78 St George’s Hall, Bradford
08/03/78 City Hall, Sheffield
09/03/78 King’s Hall, Derby
10/03/78 Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
11/03/78 Liverpool University (Mountford Hall)
12/03/78 De Montfort Hall, Leicester
13/03/78 Oxford Polytechnic
15/03/78 Top Rank, Southampton
16/03/78 Lyceum, Strand, London
17/03/78 Lyceum, Strand, London
18/03/78 Pier Pavilion, Hastings
19/03/78 Top Rank, Reading
20/03/78 Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead
21/03/78 Locarno, Coventry
22/03/78 Town Hall, Birmingham
24/03/78 Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich
25/03/78 Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon
26/03/78 Guildhall, Portsmouth
28/03/78 Ulster Hall, Belfast (?)
29/03/78 National Stadium, Dublin (?)
30/03/78 Ulster Hall, Belfast
31/03/78 Arcadia Ballroom, Cork
01/04/78 National Stadium, Dublin
03/04/78 Albany Empire, Deptford
08/04/78 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
17/04/78 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
28/04/78 Kidderminster College
29/04/78 De Montfort Hall, Leicester
04/05/78 University of East Anglia, Norwich
12/05/78 Porterhouse, Retford
23/05/78 Lighthouse, Bethlehem
24/05/78 Hurrah’s, New York
25/05/78 Rat Club, Boston, USA
26/05/78 Rat Club, Boston, USA
27/05/78 Rat Club, Boston, USA
30/05/78 Star Club, Philadelphia
01/06/78 My Father’s Place, Long Island
03/06/78 Alexandra Club, Brownsville
04/06/78 Marble Bar, Baltimore
05/06/78 Pirates Cove, Cleveland, USA
09/06/78 CBGB’s, New York
10/06/78 Bristol Polytechnic (?)
10/06/78 CBGB’s, New York
12/06/78 Hurrah’s, New York
13/06/78 Pass, Richmond
14/06/78 Madhatter, Chapel Hill
15/06/78 Rose’s Canteen, Atlanta
16/06/78 Flaming Sally’s, Macon
17/06/78 My Brother’s Bar, Jackson
18/06/78 Ole Man River’s, New Orleans
19/06/78 Bottom’s Up, Baton Rouge
24/06/78 University Of Houston
25/06/78 Ritz Music Hall, Corpus Christi, USA
26/06/78 Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas
29/06/78 Opry House, Austin
30/06/78 Randy’s Rodeo, San Antonio
05/07/78 Place, Portland
07/07/78 Old Waldorf, San Francisco
08/07/78 Old Waldorf, San Francisco
10/07/78 Golden Bear, Huntington Beach
11/07/78 Starwood Club, Los Angeles
12/07/78 Starwood Club, Los Angeles
15/07/78 Rat Club, Boston, USA
16/07/78 Rat Club, Boston, USA
18/07/78 Hurrah’s, New York
19/07/78 Hurrah’s, New York
27/08/78 Reading Festival
29/08/78 Oxford Arms, Deptford
14/09/78 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
08/10/78 City Hall, Newcastle
09/10/78 Empire Theatre, Liverpool
10/10/78 City Hall, Sheffield
10/10/78 Odeon Theatre, Canterbury
13/10/78 Top Rank, Brighton
14/10/78 Pier Pavilion, Hastings
15/10/78 Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead
16/10/78 Top Rank, Reading
17/10/78 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
21/10/78 Odeon Theatre, Birmingham
22/10/78 Colston Hall, Bristol
24/10/78 Top Rank, Cardiff
25/10/78 Odeon, Oxford
26/10/78 Odeon, Ilford (?)
27/10/78 Hammersmith Odeon, London
27/10/78 Odeon, Ilford (?)
28/10/78 Hammersmith Odeon, London
29/10/78 Hammersmith Odeon, London
08/11/78 Manchester University
09/11/78 Town Hall, Grangemouth
10/11/78 Apollo, Glasgow
10/11/78 Dundee University
14/11/78 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
15/11/78 Boogie House, Norwich
23/11/78 Village Bowl, Bournemouth
25/11/78 Thames Polytechnic, Woolwich, London
25/11/78 Thames Polytechnic, Woolwich, London
30/11/78 Mayflower Club, Manchester
22/12/78 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
23/12/78 Electric Ballroom, Camden High St, London
28/12/78 Albany Empire, Deptford

(?) = noted but some uncertainty with date, venue or whether band played
(*) = band originally booked but did not appear, gig cancelled and/or date moved