(Deptford, London Mar 74 – 82)
Originally called Cum, Captain Trundlow’s Sky Company, Skyco (all 73/74)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Packet of Three EP 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-01) released Aug 77
Tracks: Cat on a wall, Night ride, Back track

Take me I’m yours 7″ (A&M, AMS-7335) released Feb 78
Tracks: Take me I’m yours, Night nurse

Squeeze LP (A&M, AMLH-68465) recorded 77, released Mar 78
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Strong in Reason, Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil, Out of Control, Take Me I’m Yours, The Call, Model, Remember What, First Thing Wrong, Hesitation (Rool Britannia), Get Smart

Take me I’m yours (mono) 7″ promo (A&M, 2033) released Apr 78, USA
Tracks: Take me I’m yours (mono), Take me i’m yours (stereo)

Bang Bang 7″ (A&M, AMS-7360) released May 78
Tracks: Bang bang, All fed up

Goodbye girl 7″ (A&M, AMS-7398) released Nov 78
Tracks: Goodbye girl, Saints alive

Cool For Cats LP (A&M, AMLH, 68503) recorded 78, released Apr 79
Tracks: Slap and Tickle, Revue, Touching Me Touching You, It’s Not Cricket, It’s So Dirty, The Knack, Hop, Skip & Jump, Up the Junction, Hard to Find, Slightly Drunk, Goodbye Girl, Cool for Cats

Various Artists – Foreplay: A&M’s Pre-Release Sampler (1978) LP promo (A&M, SP-17017) released 78, USA
Tracks: Take me i’m yours, First thing wrong

Various Artists – No Wave LP (A&M, SP-4738) released 78, USA
Tracks: Take me i’m yours, Strong in reason

Various Artists – ΠΑΝΚ ΡΟΚ LP (Epic, EPCX-82061) released 78, Greece
Tracks: Take me I’m yours

Jools Holland

Boogie Woogie ’78 EP 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-03) released Mar 78
Tracks: Buick 48, Deptford Broadway Boogie, Boogie Woogie Country Girl, Mess Around, Should Have Known Better


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded 77 pre-A&M
Tracks: Goodbye Girl, Heat in the Night, There’s Rumours Going Round

Take Me I’m Yours 7″ Acetate (RCA) released/recorded 77
Tracks: Take Me I’m Yours, Cat on the Wall

Unreleased 7″ (BTM, SBT-107) schedule release Jan 77
Tracks: Take me i’m yours, No disco kid no

BBC John Peel session 17-8-77
Tracks: Cat on the wall, Model, All fed up, Sex master

Demo recorded 77/78
Tracks: Heartbreak

Top Rank, Brighton 15-2-78
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Strong In Reason, Model, The Call, First Thing Wrong, Backtrack, Cat On A Wall

Apollo Theatre, Glasgow 4-3-78
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Take Me I’m Yours, Strong in Reason, Model, Deep Cuts, First Thing Wrong, Down the Road a Piece, Back Track, Cat on a Wall

BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Apr 78
Tracks: Intro, Back track, Ain’t it sad, Strong in reason, Model, Take me I’m yours, Bang bang, First thing wrong, I don’t like you, Cat on a wall

BBC John Peel session 3-5-78
Tracks: Bang bang, Ain’t it sad, I must go, The knack

My Fathers Place, New York 10-6-78 or 1-6-78?
Tracks: Sex Master, Bang Bang, Take Me I’m Yours, Strong In Reason, Model, Deep Cuts, First Thing Wrong, Down The Road Apiece, Backtrack, Cat On The Wall

Unreleased 7″ (Deptford Fun City, DFC-06) schedule release Jul 78
Tracks: Deep cuts, Deeper cuts

Reading Festival 27-8-78
Tracks: Bang Bang, (unknown)


Further Information;


Line ups:

Squeeze #1                         #2                                        #3
Mar 74 – 76                         76 – Apr 79                           Apr 79 – 80
Chris Difford (gtr/voc)         Chris Difford (gtr/voc)          Chris Difford (gtr/voc)
Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)     Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)       Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)
Jools Holland (keyb)           Jools Holland (keyb)             Jools Holland (keyb)
Paul Gunn (drms)               Harry Kakoulli (bass)            Gilson Lavis (drms)
Harry Kakoulli (bass)          Gilson Lavis (drms)               John Bentley (bass)

#4                                       #5                                        Jools Holland Band
80 – 81                                81 – 82                                 78
Chris Difford (gtr/voc)         Chris Difford (gtr/voc)          Brent Cross (bass)
Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)     Glenn Tilbrook (voc/gtr)       Gilson Lavis (drms)
John Bentley (bass)           Gilson Lavis (drms)              Glen Tilbrook (gtr)
Gilson Lavis (drms)            John Bentley (bass)             Jools Holland (keyb/voc)
Paul Carrack (keyb/voc)     Don Snow (keyb)

Harry Kakoulli is ex-England’s Glory
John Bentley is ex-Blood Donor, Snips
Paul Carrack is ex-Warm Dust, Ace, Roxy Music
Don Snow is ex-Sinceros
Jools Holland also in Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, Alternative TV and solo
Jools Holland, Harry Kakoulli & Glenn Tilbrook also in Pete Perrett’s Band