Coventry Automatics

(Coventry, West Midlands summer 77 – Jun 78)
originally called The Hybrids, The Automatics, later became Special AKA / The Specials (Jun 78-81)






Official Pre-79 Releases;

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded spring 78
Tracks: Blank expression, Concrete jungle, Dawning of a new era, It’s up to you, Jay walker, Little bitch, Look but don’t touch, Raquel, Nite klub, Rock and roll nightmare, Stupid marriage, Too much too young, Wake up


Further Information;

Line ups:

summer – Oct 77
Tim Strickland (voc)
Jerry Dammers (keyb)
Lynval Golding (gtr)
Horace Panter (bass)
Silverton Hutchinson (drms)

Automatics/Coventry Automatics/Specials
Oct 77 – 81
Jerry Dammers (keyb)
Terry Hall (voc)
Roddy Byers (gtr)
Lynval Golding (gtr)
Nevile Staples (voc)
Horace Panter (bass)
Silverton Hutchinson (drms)
John Bradbury (drms)

Lynval Golding & Silverton Hutchinson are ex-Pharoah’s Kingdom (76)
John Bradbury is also in Hardtop 22 and later Transposed Men
Horace Panter is ex-Ricky’s Band (74-75) & Breaker
Roddy Byers & Jerry Dammers are ex-Gristle (70-71), Jerry Dammers is also ex-Cissy Stone Soul Band,
Roddy Byers also ex-Roddy Radiation & the Wild Boys
Terry Hall is ex-The Squad
Silverton Hutchinson later in Machine (79), Lynval Golding is ex-Ray King Soul Band