(London, 78 – 81)
also known as Snip & the Video Kings


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Waiting for tonight 7″ (Jet, S JET-118) released Aug 78
Tracks: Waiting for tonight, Smash your TV

Video King LP (Jet, JET LP 212) released  Aug 78
Tracks: Love Is Blind, Film Club, Walking, Under Suspicion, Eat It Up, Waiting For Tonight, Video Kings, Dracula, Stravinsky’s Shoes, Babalcomah, Animal Century


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line up:

Steve Parsons (voc)
Mick Dyche (gtr)
John Bentley (gtr)
Jackie Badger (bass)
Graham Deakin (drms)
Keith Hale (keyb)
Steve Lilywhite (keyb)
Zoot Money (sax)
Rudi Thompson (sax)

Mick Dyche, Graham Deakin, John Bentley, Jackie Badger are known as The Video Kings cSep 78
Mick Dyche is ex-Wild Turkey, also in Sniff ‘N’ The Tears
John Bentley is ex-Blood Donor, later in Squeeze (79)
Graham Deakin is ex-Ox, later in The Flys (79)
Steve Parsons (Snip) is ex-Nothingeverhappens, Sharks, Baker Curvitz Army
Keith Hale is ex-Comus, Blood Donor, later in Hawkwind (80)
Steve Lillywhite is ex-Snivelling Shits, later in Johnny G‘s band
Zoot Money also in various solo projects.  Jackie Badger is ex-Mother Superior
Rudi Thompson is ex-Peroxide Romance, also in X-Ray Spex, The Members and later in The Boys


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
15/09/78 Limit Club, Sheffield
16/09/78 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
17/09/78 Limit Club, Sheffield
21/09/78 Metro, Exmouth Rd, Plymouth
23/09/78 Ulster Hall, Belfast
24/09/78 State Cinema, Dublin
26/09/78 Locarno, Bristol
28/09/78 City Hall, Newcastle
29/09/78 Free Trade Hall, Manchester
30/09/78 Odeon Theatre, Birmingham
02/10/78 Hammersmith Odeon, London
03/10/78 Cardiff University
04/10/78 Leeds University
05/10/78 Warwick University, Coventry
06/10/78 Edinburgh University
07/10/78 Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow
10/11/78 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
15/11/78 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
24/11/78 Mayflower Club, Manchester
10/12/78 Lyceum, Strand, London
17/12/78 Clouds, Edinburgh