(Manchester late 76 – 80)







Official Pre-79 Releases;


Ok-UK 7” (Beserkley, BZZ-17) released Jun 78
Tracks: OK-UK, Streets



Rosemary 7” (Beserkley, BZZ-23) released Nov 78
Tracks: Rosemary, Up Eh Up


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Peter Baker Show session? Recorded 16-4-78 (Tracks unknown)

BBC John Peel session recorded 19-4-78
Tracks: Fool, Ok-UK, Banking with the banker, The island sea

BBC Kid Jensen session recorded 78? not transmitted?
Tracks: Rosemary, Up eh up, Julie Julie, Streets

Demos recorded Nov 78 unrelased LP “Andrew Jasper presents the Smirks” (Beserkley, BSERK-19)
Tracks: So happy, Falling out of love, Fool, Julie Julie, Little lady, Pro pro, Razzie snazzie lassie, Space city or, The devil inside, The island sea, Wasted passion

Get it Together TV Show recorded 5-12-78
Tracks: Rosemary, Up Eh Up


Further Information;

Line up:

75 – late 76
Simon Miller (voc/gtr)
Neil Fitzpatrick (gtr)
Ian Morris (bass)

late 76 – 80
Simon Miller (voc/gtr)
Neil Fitzpatrick (gtr)
Ian Morris (bass)
Mike Doherty (drms)
John Scott (gtr/sax)

Mike Doherty is ex-One Way Street, later in The Freshies.  Ian Morris also in Brownsville Banned
John Scott is ex-Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias & John Cooper Clarke