Silver Chalice

(Los Angeles, California, USA 78 – 79/80)


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Line ups:

Kim “Komet” Emminger (voc)
Geza Gedeon (gtr)
Terry Churchman (gtr)
Joe Nanini (drms, 78)
Rob Ritter (bass, 79)
Jimmy “Don” Bolles (drms, 79)
Pat Delaney (sax)
Paul Faris (bass)
Dutch Shultz (drms)

Geza Gedeon (X) is also in Arthur J & the Gold Cups, Deadbeats, Bags, later in Geza X & the Mommy Men
Rob Ritter (Graves) also in Yvonnes, Pat Delaney also in Deadbeats
Rob Ritter, Joe Nanini are also in The Bags
Don Bolles also in Germs, later in Nervous Gender