Radiators From Space

(Dublin, Republic of Ireland Sep 76 – Mar 81)
later known as The Radiators





Official Pre-79 Releases;


Television Screen 7” (Chiswick, S-10) recorded Jan – Feb 77, released April 77
Tracks: Television Screen, Love Detective



Television Screen 7” (CBS, CBS 5354) recorded Jan – Feb 77, released May 77, Ireland
Tracks: Television Screen, Love Detective



Enemies 7” (Chiswick, NS-19) recorded Jul 77, released Sep 77
Tracks: Enemies, Psychotic Reaction


Enemies (mono) promo-7” (Chiswick, NS-19P) released 77
Tracks: Enemies (mono), Enemies (stereo)


Enemigos 7” (Chiswick, 02.1341/8) released 77, Spain
Tracks: Enemigos, Acciones Electricas



Sunday World 7” (CBS, CBS-5527) released / withdrawn Sep 77, Ireland
Tracks: Sunday World, (Why can’t I be a) teenager in love


Prison Bars (mono) 7” (Chiswick, NS-24) released Nov 77, test pressing
Tracks: Prison Bars (mono), Teenager in Love

TV Tube Heart LP (Chiswick, WIK-4) recorded July 77, released Oct 77 UK, (CBS, 82314, Ireland)
Tracks: Television screen, Prison bars, Great expectations, Roxy girl, Press gang, Contact, Sunday world, Electric shares, Enemies, Ripped & torn, Not too late, Blitzin’ at the ritz, Party line


Various Artists – La Boite Punk! Ouvrez ou ca va Sauter! 16×7″ promo Box Set (Barclay) released Nov 77, France
Tracks: Television screen, Love detective

Various Artists – Long Shots, Dead Certs & Odds on Favourites LP (Chiswick, CH-5) released 77
Tracks: Television screen, Enemies

Various Artists – Never Mind Other Labels – Here’s Chiswick promo-10” LP (Chiswick, 0900.045) released 77, Germany
Tracks: Television screen

Various Artists – Ce N’Est Pas De La Couille, Voice La New Wave – New Wave Greatest Hits LP (Ariola Benelux, 25804ET) released Dec 77, Holland
Tracks: Television screen

Tracks: Various Artists – Geef Voor New Wave LP (Ariola, 25541ET) released Nov 77, Holland
Tracks: Television screen


Million dollar hero 7” (Chiswick, NS-29) recorded Jan 78, *Roundhouse 19-2-78, released Apr 78
Tracks: Million dollar hero, Blitzin’ at the ritz (live)*


Million dollar hero (edit) promo-7” (Chiswick, NS-29P) released May 78
Tracks: Million dollar hero (edit), Million Dollar hero (LP version)

Million dollar hero (remix) 7” (Chiswick/EM1, CHIS-106) released Sep 78
Tracks: Million dollar hero (remix), Blitzin’ at the ritz (live)

Various Artists – Catch a Wave 2X10” LP (Nice, NICE-1) released 78
Tracks: Television screen

Various Artists – Punk Rock ’77 New Wave ’77 LP (Pirate Dream, PD-001) released 78, Portugal
Tracks: Love detective

Various Artists – English Waves! LP (RCA Victor, PLWL-1009) released 78, Italy
Tracks: Prison Bars

Various Artists – Chiswick Aquaria LP promo (Chiswick, CHWL-1004) released 78, Italy
Tracks: Psychotic reaction, Televsion screen

Various Artists – Sonido Chiswick Vol. 1 promo-LP (Chiswick/Movieplay, 01.418/0) released 78, Spain
Tracks: Television Screen, Press gang, Electric shares, Not too late, Enemies, Ripped & torn

Various Artists – Sonido Chiswick LP (Chiswck, 17.1380/6) released 78, Spain
Tracks: Television screen

Ghostown LP (Chiswick, CWK-3003) recorded 78, released Aug 79
Tracks: Million dollar hero, Let’s talk about the weather, Johnny jukebox, Confidential, They’re looting in the town, Who are the strangers, Ballad of kitty rickets, Song of the faithful departed, Walking home alone again, Dead the beast, dead the poison


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Peter Halidai

Outer Image 7” acetate (BULL-1) recorded 75
Tracks: Outer Image

Rough Trade

Demo recorded 12-9-76 ‘Garage Demo’ Midnite records

Hell Razors / Rough Trade / Radiators From Space

Garage Band – Rehearsals LP Private pressing *recorded Jun 76, **recorded 12-9-76, ***recorded 15-9-76, ****recorded 3-10-76
Tracks: Waiting for the man*, Gloria*, Real good time together**, Shake some action**, Trust in dick**, Blitzkrieg Bop**, Beat on the brat**, I wanna be your boyfriend**, Waiting for the man**, Gloria**, Television screen***, Mistreater***, Blitzkrieg bop***, Beat on a brat***, Stranded in the jungle***, I go ape***, I go ape #2***, Waiting for the man***, Gloria***, Stranded in the jungle****, I go ape****

Radiators From Space

The Midnite Demos 7” acetate (Hunt) recorded 30-10-76, released Nov 76 Trend Studios
Tracks: Psychotic reaction, Television screen, Mistreater, The hucklebuck

Garage Band – Rehearsals Volume Two LP () private pressing, *recorded 3-10-76, ** 16 & 17-10-76, ***recorded Nov 76, ****rehearsal 76, ***** rehearsal 76
Tracks: Gloria*, Waiting for the man*, Real good time together**, Hucklebuck**, Eighteen**, Television screen**, Gloria**, Sadist**, Mistreaters**, Psychotic reaction**, Waiting for the man**, New order kids***, Hucklebuck***, Electric shares****, Prison bars****, Shoot on sight****, Not too late****, New order kids****, Prison bars*****, Enemies*****

‘The Radiators: Garage Band – Volume 3’ LP, Rehearsal recorded 15-2-77, Nigel Averill’s Shed, Malahide
Tracks: Real good time together, New order (Blitzin’ at the ritz), Teenage head, Trust in dick, Radiatin’, Love detective, Gloria, Mistreater, Television screen, Hucklebuck, I feel alright, Width of a circle, (talk), Television screen, Television screen #2, Television screen #3, Television screen #4, Television screen #5, Love detective, Television screen (Trend studio16-2-77)

Unreleased 7″ (Chiswick) Recorded Jul 77
Tracks: Blitzin’ at the Ritz, Not too late

Our Times, RTE TV show recorded 20-9-77 (Tracks unknown)

Demos recorded Dec 77, London (2nd album, Tracks unknown)

Kursaal Ballroom, Southend 17-12-77
Tracks: Sunday World, Roxy Girl, Press Gang, Prison Bars, Electic Shares, T.V. Screen, Party Line, Psychotic Reaction, Enemies

Demos recorded Jan 78, County Kildare (Tracks unknown)

Roundhouse, London 19-2-78
Tracks: Blitzin’ at the ritz, Contact, Electric shares, Enemies, Million dollar hero, Press gang, Prison bars, Psychotic reaction, Roxy girl, Sunday world, Teenager in love

Demos recorded Mar – Apr 78 Covent Garden (2nd album, Tracks unknown)

Demos recorded May – Jul 78, Good Earth Studios (2nd album), includes Ruan O’Lochlainn (sax) & Mary Hopkin (voc)

Unreleased 7″ (Chiswick, NS-45), recorded Jan 78, planned release Jul 78
Tracks: Walking Home again, the hucklebuck, try and stop me


Further Information;


Line ups:

Bent Fairy & the Punks
72 –
Billy Morley (gtr)
Steve Rapid (voc)
Peter Holidai (gtr/voc)
Noel Storey (bass)
Johnny McAdam (drms)

Greta Garbage & the Trash Cans
Jan 75 –
Billy Morley (gtr)
Steve Rapid (voc)
Peter Holidai (gtr/voc)

Rockette #1
Mar 76 – May 76
Billy Morley (gtr)
Steve Rapid (voc)
Peter Holidai (gtr/voc)
Joey Clarke (drms)

May 76 – Jun 76
Phil Chevron (gtr/voc)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)
Steve Rapid (voc)
Peter Holidai (gtr/voc)

Hell Razors #1
Jun 76 – Aug 76
Dave McAdam (bass)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)
Steve Rapid (voc)
Peter Holidai (gtr/voc)
Phil Chevron (gtr/voc)

Hell Razors #2 / Rough Trade
Aug 76 – Sep 76
Mark Magaray (bass)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)
Steve Rapid (voc)
Peter Holidai (gtr/voc)
Phil Chevron (gtr/voc)

Radiators from Space #1
Sep 76 – Sep 77
Steve Rapid (voc)
Phil Chevron (gtr/voc)
Pete Holidai (gtr/voc)
Mark Megaray (bass)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)

Sep 77 – Sep 78
Phil Chevron (voc)
Pete Holidai (gtr/voc)
Mark Megaray (bass)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)

Radiators #1
Sep 78 – Mar 79
Phil Chevron (voc)
Pete Holidai (gtr/voc)
Mark Megaray (bass)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)
Billy Morley (gtr)

Mar 79 – Aug 79
Phil Chevron (voc)
Pete Holidai (gtr/voc)
Mark Megaray (bass)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)

Aug 79 – Oct 80
Phil Chevron (voc/bass)
Pete Holidai (gtr/voc)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)

Oct 80 – Mar 81
Phil Chevron (voc)
Pete Holidai (gtr/voc)
Jimmy Crashe (drms)
Neil Whiffen (bass)
Nick Hurt (keyb)

Phil Chevron is ex-Philip Chevron Band
Steve Rapid later in Modernaires
Billy Morley is ex-Revolver
Mark Megaray later in the Eric Bell Band
Johnny McAdam is later in Chevrolet
Billy Morley later in Revolver


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
13/06/76 University College, Dublin (1st gig)
13/12/76 Baggot Inn, Dublin
29/12/76 CUS, Dublin
09/01/77 Baggot Inn, Dublin
16/01/77 Asgard House, Dublin
23/01/77 Baggot Inn, Dublin
20/02/77 Baggot Inn, Dublin
05/03/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
10/03/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
12/03/77 University College, Dublin
04/77 Casbah, Derry
24/04/77 Baggot Inn, Dublin
29/04/77 Stardust Club, Cork
09/05/77 Esplanade, Bray
14/05/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
27/05/77 El Ruedo Club, Carlow
10/06/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
11/06/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
14/06/77 St Eugene’s Parish Hall, Derry
24/06/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
25/06/77 University College, Dublin
08/07/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
15/07/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
22/07/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
29/07/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
05/08/77 Marquee, Kilcullen
06/08/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
21/08/77 Dalymont Park, Dublin
22/08/77 Jordanstown Polytechnic, Belfast
23/08/77 Derry
08/09/77 Greyhound, Fulham Palace Road, London (?)
17/09/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
18/09/77 Ballroom, Bagnelstown
21/09/77 Jordanstown Polytechnic, Ulster
27/09/77 Vortex, Wardour Street, London
28/09/77 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
29/09/77 Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London
30/09/77 Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London
01/10/77 Red Cow, Hammersmith Rd, London
04/10/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
06/10/77 Nag’s Head, High Wycombe
06/10/77 Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London
07/10/77 North London Polytechnic, Holloway Rd
09/10/77 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London (afternoon)
09/10/77 Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington (evening)
10/10/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
12/10/77 Rebecca’s, Birmingham
13/10/77 Rebecca’s, Birmingham (?)
14/10/77 Peterborough Technical College
15/10/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
16/10/77 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
17/10/77 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
20/10/77 Frankfurt
21/10/77 Kasseler Kunsthockschule, Kassel
22/10/77 Kasseler Kunsthockschule, Kassel
23/10/77 Berlin
25/10/77 Clouds, Edinburgh
26/10/77 Dundee University
27/10/77 Maniqui, Falkirk (?)
29/10/77 Coventry
01/11/77 Plymouth
02/11/77 Torquay
03/11/77 Barnstaple
04/11/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
09/11/77 Stowaway Club, Newport (?)
09/11/77 Top of The World, Stafford
11/11/77 City Hall, Newcastle
12/11/77 Apollo, Glasgow
13/11/77 Apollo, Glasgow
14/11/77 Odeon Theatre, Edinburgh
16/11/77 Empire Theatre, Liverpool
17/11/77 Empire Theatre, Liverpool
18/11/77 Spa Pavilion, Bridlington
19/11/77 New Theatre, Oxford
21/11/77 Colston Hall, Bristol
22/11/77 Colston Hall, Bristol
23/11/77 City Hall, Sheffield
24/11/77 St George’s Hall, Bradford
25/11/77 City Hall, Sheffield
25/11/77 Free Trade Hall, Manchester (?)
26/11/77 Free Trade Hall, Manchester
28/11/77 Dome, Brighton
29/11/77 Guildhall, Portsmouth
30/11/77 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
02/12/77 Odeon Theatre, Birmingham
03/12/77 Odeon Theatre, Birmingham
04/12/77 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
05/12/77 De Montfort Hall, Leicester
06/12/77 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
07/12/77 Gaumont Theatre, Southampton
08/12/77 Capitol Theatre, Cardiff
10/12/77 Hammersmith Odeon, London
11/12/77 Hammersmith Odeon, London
11/12/77 Trinity College, Dublin (?)
13/12/77 Odeon, Lewisham
14/12/77 Odeon, Lewisham
17/12/77 Kursaal Ballroom, Southend
23/12/77 Arcadia Ballroom, Cork
24/12/77 Moran’s Hotel, Dublin
11/01/78 Trinity College, Dublin
14/01/78 Arcadia Ballroom, Cork
20/01/78 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
21/01/78 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
23/01/78 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
27/01/78 Lafayette Club, Wolverhampton
28/01/78 Eric’s, Liverpool
02/02/78 Mr George, Coventry
03/02/78 Rock Garden, Middlesbrough
04/02/78 PG’s Club, Harrogate
07/02/78 Nikkers Club, Keighley
09/02/78 Outlook Club, Doncaster
10/02/78 JB’s Club, Dudley
11/02/78 JB’s Club, Dudley
13/02/78 Top of The World, Stafford
15/02/78 Sheffield Polytechnic
16/02/78 Rafters, Manchester
16/02/78 Troubadour, Port Talbot (?)
17/02/78 Bedford College, Regents Park, London
18/02/78 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London (?)
19/02/78 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
23/02/78 Mr Digby’s, Birkenhead
24/02/78 Middlesex Polytechnic (?)
24/02/78 New Regent, Brighton
25/02/78 City Hall, St Allbans (*)
26/02/78 Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford
28/02/78 Nikkers Club, Keighley
07/03/78 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
09/03/78 Bones Club, Reading
10/03/78 Lyceum, Strand, London
10/03/78 Village Club, Newport
11/03/78 Friars (Maxwell Hall), Aylesbury
16/03/78 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
17/03/78 University of London (Malet Street)
07/04/78 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
14/04/78 University of London (Malet Street)
31/10/78 Electric Ballroom, Camden High St, London
27/12/78 Gem, Drogheda
28/12/78 Arcadia Ballroom, Cork
29/12/78 El Ruedo Club, Carlow
30/12/78 Chester’s Arcadia, Portrush
31/12/78 Manhatten Bar, Galway
(?) = noted but some uncertainty with date or whether band played
(*) = band originally booked but did not appear / gig cancelled and/or date moved