(Memphis, Tennessee, USA 75 – 78)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Girl 7″ (Ork, 81979) released 77
Tracks: Girl, Everytime I close My Eyes, Zero

Love You Tonight (Saturday’s Gone) 7″ (Miracle, MR 22222) released Mar 78
Tracks: Love You Tonight (Saturday’s Gone), Everytime I close My Eyes


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded Sep 75 – Jul 76, Ardent Studios, Memphis
Tracks: She Might Look My Way, Love You All Day Long, Take Me Home And Make Me Like It, Free Again, Run Run Runaway, All Of The Time, Follow You, Love you Tonight (alt vers), Love you all day long (alt vers), Every time I close my eyes (alt vers)


Further Information;

Line ups:

c75 – 76
Jon Tiven (gtr)
Tommy Hoehn (gtr/voc)
Alex Chilton
Rick Clark (bass)
Chris Bell

c77 – 78
Jon Tiven (gtr)
Tommy Hoehn (gtr/voc)
Rick Clark (bass)
Jim Dickinson
Richard Rosebrough (drms)

Jon Tiven is also in Alex Chilton‘s band, Van Duren, later in The Yankees
Tommy Hoehn is ex-Sweet Cheeks, also in Alex Chilton‘s band, solo
Rick Clark is also in Alex Chilton‘s band, Tommy Hoehn‘s band
Richard Rosebrough, Alex Chilton are also in Alex Chilton‘s band
Jim Dickinson also solo.  Chris Bell is ex-Big Star, also solo