Plummet Airlines

(Nottingham, Nottinghamshire 74 – early 78)
Pub Rock, also known as Moonlight Drive & the Brothel Creepers (73) and Glyder (74)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Silver shirt 7” (Stiff, BUY-8) released Nov 76
Tracks: Silver shirt, This is the world

It’s hard 7” (State, STAT-66) released Feb 77
Tracks: It’s hard, My time in a while

Various Artists – Hits Greatest Stiffs LP (Stiff, FIST-1) released 77
Tracks: This is the world

Various Artists – Stiff Records Box Set No. 2 10 x 7” (Stiff, BUY 11-20) released Nov 78
Tracks: Silver shirt, This is the world


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Brothel Creepers

Film “One more chance” by John Crompton, 73
Tracks: Blue suede shoes, Whole lotta rock

Plummet Airlines

Hope & Anchor, London Aug 76
Tracks: (Down at the) Rodeo

BBC John Peel Session 14-9-76
Tracks: Don’t give a damn, Stars will shine, Water to wine, You’re keeping up talking

BBC John Peel Session 24-1-77
Tracks: Call out the engine driver, Doctor boogie, Our last dance, Since I left you

Demo recorded 77 Britannia Row studios
Tracks: Down on the floor, Heart of stone, I dig rock n roll, Oscars

London School of Economics Feb 77
Tracks: Keep us talking, Casey Jones, Doctor boogie, The engine driver

Malcolm Morley & Plummet Airlines

Demo recorded 76, Foel studios
Tracks: Without a word, Burning love, Lost & found, Honey please, All that I need, All that I need #2, Ruby, Grace, Fish and chips, Whiteman’s blues, Romance in a tin, Naked as the night


Further Information;

Line ups:

.                                                                                        Malcolm Morley &
Brothel Creepers                  Plummet Airlines #1             Plummet Airlines
73 – 74                                  74 – 76                                76 – Feb 77
Harry Stephenson (voc/gtr)  Harry Stephenson (voc/gtr) Harry Stephenson (voc/gtr)
Richard Booth (gtr/voc)        Darryl Hunt (bass)               Darryl Hunt (bass)
Darryl Hunt (bass)                Richard Booth (gtr/voc)       Richard Booth (gtr/voc)
Simon Bladen (drms)            Keith Gotheridge (drms)      Keith Gotheridge (drms)
.                                            Duncan Kerr (gtr/voc)          Duncan Kerr (gtr/voc)
.                                                                                        Wayne Evans (bass)
.                                                                                        Malcolm Morley (keyb)
Plummet Airlines #2
Feb 77 – 77
Richard Booth (gtr/voc)
Duncan Kerr (gtr/voc)
Keith Gotheridge (drms)
Darryl Hunt (bass)
Harry Stephenson (voc/gtr)
Gasper Laval (percussion)

Harry Stephenson is ex-Junkyard Angel, also in Cycle Annie, later in Harry & the Atoms (80)
Malcolm Morley is ex-Man, Help YourselfBees Make Honey, later in Wreckless Eric’s Band
Richard Booth & Duncan Kerr later in Brainiac 5
Keith Gotheridge is ex-The Pugma Ho Rock Band, later in Some Chicken, Darts
Darrly Hunt & Duncan Kerr later in The Favourites
Gasper Laval is ex-Clancy