Pink Fairies

(Ladbrooke Grove, London, UK 69 – 77)
Proto Punk, also known as The Pink Fairies Motorcycle Club and All-Star Rock and Roll Band


Official Pre-79 Releases;


Don’t think twice it’s alright 7” (Decca, F-11943) released Jul 64
Tracks: Don’t think twice it’s alright, Anytime at all

Get yourself home 7” (HMV, POP-1404) released 65
Tracks: Get yourself home, I’ll dance

Don’t Mind 7” (HMV, POP-1445) released 66
Tracks: Don’t Mind, Baby don’t

Pink Fairies

Various Artists – Rock n Roll is Here to Stay LP (Polydor, 2488 088) released 70, Germany
Tracks: I saw her standing there

The snake 7” (Polydor, 2058-009) released Jan 71
Tracks: The snake, Do it

Never Never Land LP (Polydor, 2383 245) released May 71
Tracks: Do it, Heavenly man, Say you love me, War girl, Never never land, Track one side two, Thor, Teenage revel, Uncle harry’s last freak-out, The dream is just beginning

Various Artists – Glastonbury Fayre LP (Revelation Enterprises Ltd, REV-1/2/3) recorded Glastonbury Festival 20-6-71, released Apr 72
Tracks: Do it, Uncle harry’s last freakout

I saw her standing there 7” (Polydor, 2058-279) released Jul 72, Germany
Tracks: I saw her standing there, The pigs of Uranus

What a bunch of sweeties LP (Polydor, 2383-132) released Jul 72
Tracks: Prologue, Right on, fight on, Portobello shuffle, Marilyn, The pigs of Uranus, Walk don’t run, I went up I went down, x-ray, I saw her standing there

Well well well 7” (Polydor, 2058-302) released Nov 72
Tracks: Well well well, Hold on

Kings of Oblivion LP (Polydor, 2383-212) released Jun 73
Tracks: City kids, I wish I was a girl, When’s the fun begin, Chromium plating, Raceway, Chambermaid, Street urchin

Between the lines 7” (Stiff, BUY-2) released Sep 76
Tracks: Between the lines, Spoiling for a fight

Various Artists – Hits Greatest Stiffs LP (Stiff, FIST-1) released Sep 77
Tracks: Between the lines

Various Artists – Stiff Records Box Set No. 1 10 x 7” (Stiff, BUY 1-10) released Nov 78
Tracks: Between the Lines, Spoiling for a fight


Think Pink LP (Polydor, 2310-057) released 70
Tracks: The coming of the one, Ten thousand words in a cardboard box, Dawn of majic, Tiptoe on the highest hill, Fluid, Mexican grass war, Rock and roll the joint, Suicide, Three little piggies, The sparrow is a sign

Twink & the Fiaries

Do it ’77 7” (Chiswick, SWT-26) released recorded Aug 77, released 78
Tracks: Do it ’77, Enter the diamonds, Psychedelic punkaroo


Other Pre-79 Recordings;


Demo recorded 69/70
Tracks: The comic of the other one, Dawn of magick, Fluid, Suicide, Rock and roll the joint, Sound of silk, Thor, The dream is just beginning, Do it, Fluid (slow vers), Gandalf’s garden, Ten thousand words in a cardboard box

Demo recorded 69/70 Wizzard Studios
Tracks: Within, Ice cool, Unexpected party, Witches brew, Psychedelic Electrician (scene 1), You reached for the stars, Moondog, You have been chosen, Drum crazy, King tin tagel, Psychedelic Electrician (scene 3), Angel, Peter the pill, Psychedelic Electrician (scene 2), Dual at dawn, Psychedelic Electrician (scene 4)

Pink Fairies

Canvas City, Isle of Wight 29-8-70 (Tracks unknown)

Canvas City, Isle of Wight 28-8-70 (Tracks unknown)

BBC Top Gear session recorded 28-11-70
Tracks: Lucille, Snake

Ruisrock Festival, Tarku, Finland 21-8-71
Tracks: Intro, Tomorrow never knows, The snake, Uncle harry’s last freakout, Walk don’t run

Weeley 25-8-71
Tracks: Riders in the sky, Tomorrow never knows, The snake, Why does a red cow, Uncle harry’s last freakout

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Los Angeles recorded 4-11-71
Tracks: Johnny B Goode, Uncle Harry’s last freakout

Demo recorded Nov 71
Tracks: Going down, Walk don’t run

Cambridge Corn exchange 27-1-72 (Tracks unknown)

Demo recorded Feb 72
Tracks: Walk don’t run

Roundhouse London 16-2-75
Tracks: Intro, City Kids, Do it, 3/5ths of a mile in ten seconds, Snake, Lucille, Waiting for the man, Uncle Harry’s last freak-out, Street urchin, Bye bye johnny, Goin’ down

Roundhouse, recorded 13-7-75
Tracks: City kids, Waiting for the man, Lucille, Uncle harry’s last freakout, Going down, As long as the price is right, Waiting for the lightning to strike, Cant find the lady, No second chance, Talk to the devil, I think its coming back again

Wayne Kramer & the Pink Fairies

Demo, Detroit 74
Tracks: Get some, Ramblin’ rose

Dingwalls, London, 78
Tracks: You’re goin’ to the city, Heavy music, Cocaine blues, Kick out the jams

Demo, London 78
Tracks: Do you love me, East side girl, The harder they come, Too late,


Further Information;

Line ups:

Twink (drms)
Nick Wymer (voc)
Mick Weaver (gtr)
John Acutt (gtr)
Fred Gandy (bass)
Dane Stephens (voc)

Twink (drms/voc)
Paul Rudolph (gtr/bass)
John Wood (bass)
Wally Allen (keyb)
John Povey (sitar)
Steve Took (gtr)
Viv Prince (drms)

Pink Fairies #1
Oct 69
Twink (drms/voc)
Mick Farren (voc)
Steve Took (gtr)
Sally Meltzer (keyb)

Nov 69 – Nov 70
Twink (drms/voc)
Dave Bidwell (drms)
Phil Lenoir (drms)
Larry Wallis (gtr/voc)
Steve Took (bass/voc)
Tim Taylor (bass)
Mick Farren (voc)

Feb 70 – Aug 71
Twink (drms/voc)
Paul Rudolph (gtr/voc)
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)

Aug 71 – Jul 72
Paul Rudolph (gtr/voc)
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)
Trevor Burton (gtr)

Aug – Nov 72
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)
Mick Wayne (gtr/voc)

Nov 72 – Mar 74
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)
Larry Wallis (gtr/voc)

July 75
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)
Larry Wallis (gtr/voc)
Paul Rudolph (bass)
Twink (drms)

Sep 75 – Jul 76
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)
Larry Wallis (gtr/voc)

Jul 76 – Jan 77
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)
Larry Wallis (gtr/voc)
Martin Stone (gtr)

Twink & the Fairies
Aug 77
Duncan Sanderson (bass)
Russell Hunter (drms)
Twink (voc)
Paul Rudolph (bass)

Wayne Kramer & the Pink Fairies #1
Tim Shale (bass)
Wayne Kramer (voc)
Melvin Davis (drms)
Larry Wallis (gtr/voc)

Allan Spenner (bass)
Wayne Kramer (voc)
Andy Colquhoun (bass)
George Butler (drms)
Larry Wallis (gtr)
Paul Carrack (keyb)

Mick Farrens is ex-Deviants
Larry Wallis & Tim Taylor are ex-The Entire Sioux Nation
Steve Took is ex-T Rex
Twink is ex-Pretty Things, later in Stars, Fallen Angels & The Rings
Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson & Russell Hunter are ex-Deviants
Paul Rudolph later Hawkwind, Kicks
Martin Stone is ex-Chilli Willi, 101ers, later in Pink Parts
Duncan Sanderson & George Butler are later in Lightning Raiders
Trevor Burton is ex-The Move, George Butler is ex-Kilburns
Wayne Kramer is ex-MC5, Kramer’s Kreemers