Phil Manzanera

(London UK)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Phil Manzanera

Diamond Head LP (Island, ILPS 9315) recorded Dec 74 – Jan 75, released Apr 75
Tracks: Frontera, Diamond Head, Big Day, The Flex, Same Time Next Week, Miss Shapiro, East Of Echo, Lagrima, Alma

Frontera 7″ (Island, 16 213 AT) released 75, Germany
Tracks: Frontera, Same Time Next Week

Various Artists – Summer ’75 LP (Island, ISS 1) released 75
Tracks: Frontera, Miss Shapiro

Island 7″ (Polydor, 2001 800) released Aug 78
Tracks: Island, Diamond Head

K-Scope LP (Polydor, POLD 5011) recorded Mar-May 78, released 78
Tracks: K-Scope, Remote Control, Cuban Crisis, Hot Spot, Numbers, Slow Motion TV, Gone Flying, N-Shift, Walking Through Heaven’s Door, You Are Here

Remote Control 7″ (Polydor, 2001 835) released Nov 78
Tracks: Remote Control, K-Scope

Phil Manzanera / 801

Listen Now LP (Polydor, 2310 571) recorded Dec 75 – Jul 77, released Sep 77
Tracks: Listen Now, Flight 19, Island, Law And Order, ¿Que?, City Of Light, Initial Speed, Postcard Love, That Falling Feeling

Flight 19 7″ (Polydor, 2001 733) released Sep 77
Tracks: Flight 19, Car Rhumba


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Line ups:

John Wetton (bass)
Paul Thompson (drms)
Phil Manzanera (gtr)
Robert Wyatt (voc)
Brian Eno (voc)
Eddie Jobson (keyb)
Brian Turrington (bass)
Andy Mackay (sax)
Dave Jarrett (keyb)
Charles Hayward (perc)
Bill MacCormick

Phil Mananera is also in Roxy Music, Quiet Sun (75), John Cale’s band (74-75), 801 (76-77)
Charles Hayward is ex-Radar Favourites, later in This Heat
John Wetton also in Uriah Heep
Paul Thompson, Brian Eno, Eddie Jobson, Andy Mackay also in Roxy Music
Brian Turrington also in The Winkies, Count Bishops, later in Tyla Gang
Bill MacCormick also in Quiet Sun, 801