Painted Lady

(Wandsworth, London, UK 75 – Mar 78)


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Line ups:

Susie Hendrix (gtr)
Tina gayle (drms)
Dinah Williams (bass/voc)
Kim McAuliffe (gtr/voc)
Deirdre Cartwright (gtr)

77 – Mar 78
Dinah Williams (bass/voc)
Kim McAuliffe (gtr/voc)
Val Lloyd (drms)
Kathy Valentine (voc)

Susie Hendrix is ex-Sadista Sisters, later in Flicks/Skinflicks
Dinah Williams & Kim McAuliffe later in Girlschool.  Val Lloyd is ex-Brandy, later in Tour De Force
Kathy Valentine later in the Violators, Textones & Go Go’s
Deidre Cartwright is ex-Lydia D’Ustebyn Ladies Swing Orchestra, also in Jam Today  and later in Tour de Force & The Sadista Sisters


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
03/02/77 Castle, Tooting, London
22/05/77 Two Brewers, Clapham
20/10/77 Castle, Tooting, London
23/10/77 Two Brewers, Clapham
24/11/77 Castle, Tooting, London
27/11/77 Two Brewers, Clapham
08/12/77 Castle, Tooting, London
11/12/77 Two Brewers, Clapham
05/01/78 Castle, Tooting, London
08/01/78 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
15/02/78 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
28/02/78 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
29/03/78 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London