(Perth, Western Australia early 78 – Aug 78)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Hernando’s, Perth 78
Tracks: Oh Baby, Sister Claire, Sweet Suicide, Love Your Neighbour, Heard It On The Radio, Fire, Nothin’ To Say, It’s Over

Live / Rehearsals recorded 78
Tracks: Face At The Window, Soul Sister Mary, Cool Bodies, Teenage Lust, (I Wanna) Crush Your Head In, Bored, Fire, Search And Destroy, Sweet Suicide, Down On The Street, Heard It On The Radio

Demo recorded 78
Tracks: Oh Baby, Bored, Love Your Neighbour, Strange Place Of Love


Further Information;

Line ups:

Ross Buncle (gtr)
Max Kittler (drms)
Billy Orphan (voc)
Colin Dowson (bass)

Ross Buncle (gtr)
Max Kittler (drms)
Billy Orphan (voc)
Rudolph (bass)

Ross Buncle, Max Kittler are ex-Hitler Youth
Rudolph is ex-Victims, Geeks
Billy Orphan later in Billy Orphan’s Tears