Nihilist Spasm Band

(London, Ontario, Canada 65 – )


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Art Southwest Ont. (ArtsCanada August-September 1967) 7″ flexi (The Society For Art Publications, Volume XXIV No. 8/9) released Aug 67. split w/John Chambers*
Tracks: The Sweetest Country This Side Of Heaven, Fire*

No Record LP (Allied Record Corporation, RECORD No. 5) released Apr 68
Tracks: Destroy The Nations, When In London Sleep At The York Hotel, The Byron Bog, Dog Face Man, Oh Brian Dibb, Destroy The Nations Again

Vol.2 LP (Music Gallery Editions, MGE 13) recorded Toronto Music Gallery 4-2-78, released 79
Tracks: No Canada, Stupidity, Dum-De-Dum, Elsinore


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

John Boyle (kazoo/drms)
John Clement (gtr/drms)
Bill Exley (voc)
Murray Favro (gtr)
Art Pratten
Greg Curnoe (drms)
Hugh McIntyre (bass)
Archie Leitch