New Model Army

(New York 74 – 75)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Stu Daye

Free Parking LP (Columbia, PC 33936) released Apr 76
Tracks: Firefly, Confidentially Rose, Foxes Owl, Moonshine, The Witness, Sushi, As It Goes, The Good Head, Thanx, Paper Airplane, The Boxer

Various Artists – Columbia Records 6 Pack 2×7″ promo EP (Columbia, AE7 1102) released 76
Tracks: Firefly


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

New Model Army
74 – 75
Stu Daye (gtr)
Christian Osbourne (gtr)
Mark Abel (bass)

Stu Daye Band
c76 – 78?
Stu Daye (gtr)
Christian Osbourne (gtr)
Billy Cross (gtr)
Mike Neville (bass)
Tommy Thompson (drms)
Steve Missal (drms)
[Tony Levin (bass)]
[Steve Gadd (drms)]
[Rick Marotta (drms)]
[Steve Tyler (voc)]
[Billy Squier (voc/gtr)]

Christian Osbourne is ex-Yoko Ono’s band, later in Uneasy Slepper
Mark Abel later in City Lights
Stu Daye later in The Mix
Steve Tyler is also in Aerosmith
Billy Squier is ex-Magic Terry & the Universe, Kicks, Sidewinders, later in Piper, solo
Rick Marotta is ex-Brethren
Billy Cross later in Bob Dylan’s band