Negative Trend

(San Francisco, California, USA Oct 77 – Apr 79)
originally called Grand Mal


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Negative Trend 7″ EP (Heavy Manners, HM-1) recorded Jun 78, released Sep 78
Tracks: Mercenaries, Meathouse, Black And Red, How Ya Feelin’


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Negative Trend

Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 20/21-3-78
Tracks: Intro, People Are Sick, NWLF, Polyvinyl Lover, Intensive Care, Psychotherpy Please, Dream Date, Crimes Of Passion, You’re In Love With Imagery, Death In A Cadillac, Groovy Terrorist, December 14th, Welcome To My City

Demos recorded late 78
Tracks: Mercenaries, I Got Power, Black and Red, Atomic Lawn, Meathouse

Rozz Rezabek

Demos recorded 78
Tracks: M-16, Never Say Die, No Alternative, You And I, I Can Laugh About It Now, Won’t Be Pacified, Dead Wrong, Mannequin, I Don’t Wanna Be A Machine


Further Information;

Line ups:

Grand Mal                         “Rehearsal Group”           Negative Trend #1
77                                      cOct 77                            Oct 77 – Mar 78
Don Vinil (voc)                   Rozz Rezabek (voc)       Will Shatter (bass)
Craig Gray (bass)             Jimmy Wilsey (gtr)          Todd Robertson (drms)
V. Vale (bass)                    Danny Furious (drms)    Craig Gray (gtr)
Todd Robertson (drms)    Craig Gray (bass)           Rozz Rezabek (voc)

#2                                       #3                                    #4
Mar – Nov 78                      Nov 78                             Nov 78 – Apr 79
Mikal Waters (voc)            Rik L Rik (voc)                 Rik L Rik (voc)
Craig Gray (gtr)                 Craig Gray (gtr)               Craig Gray (gtr)
Will Shatter (bass)            Will Shatter (bass)          Tim Mooney (drms)
Steve Depace (drms)       Tim Mooney (drms)         Jonathan Henrickson (bass)
.                                                                                  Ricky Williams (voc)

Craig Gray later in Toiling Midgets (79), Jonathan Henrickson also in Symptoms
Jimmy Wilsey,Danny Furious are also in the Avengers
Rik L Rik is ex-F-Word, Don Vinil later in The Offs
Tim Mooney is ex-Sleepers, Ricky Williams is ex-Crime