(Rockford, Illinois 77 – 80)
originally called The Nicknames


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Why Can’t It Be 7″ (Fiction, F-99) released Nov 77
Tracks: Why Can’t It Be, Baby You’re A Fool


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded 77
Tracks: It will be alright


Further Information;

Line ups:

Nicknames                          Names #1                       #2
c75/76                                 77 –
Rick Pemberton (gtr)          Rick Pemberton (gtr)      Dave Galluzzo (voc)
Russ Freeman                    Rick Szeluga (bass)      Rick Szeluga (bass)
Pat O’Brien (drms)             Dave Galluzzo (voc)       Rick Pemberton (gtr)
Lee Kelso (voc)                  Rick Michaelson (drms)  Steve Hauser (keyb)
Dave Galluzzo (bass/voc)                                          Matt Fynn (drms)


Dave Galluzzo (voc)
Rick Szeluga (bass)
Rick Pemberton (gtr)
Steve Hauser (keyb)
Chip Greenman (drms)

Rick Szeluga is ex-Cheap Trick
Dave Galluzzo is ex-Flight (c72/73), China
Chip Greenman is ex-Toast & Jam, Fuse