Mother Superior

(London, Nov 74 – Dec 77)
originally called Cosmetix (Jun – Nov 74)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Lady Madonna LP (SMA, SMA 3014) recorded Apr 75, released 75, Sweden
Tracks: No Time Toulouse Lautrec, Just One Look, Mood Merchant, Love The One You’re With, Ticklish Allsorts, Lady Madonna, Years Upon Tears


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded Sep 75, unreleased 7″
Tracks: Back Track

Finland 76
Tracks: All the Young Girls Love Alice, No Time Toulouse

Demo recorded 77 Morgan Studios
Tracks: Midnight Music


Further Information;

Line ups:

“unnamed band”
Janis Sharp (voc/gtr)
Jackie Badger (bass)
Holly Beth Vincent (drms)

Cosmetix #1
Jun – Nov 74
Gaynor (voc/gtr)
Audrey Swinburne (voc/gtr)
Jackie Crew (drms)
? (bass)

Cosmetix #2 / Mother Superior
Nov 74 – Jun 76

Jackie Badger (bass/voc)
Jackie Crew (drms/voc)
Lesley Sly (voc/keyb)
Audrey Swinburne (voc/gtr)

Mother Superior
Jun – Dec 76

Jackie Badger (bass/voc)
Jackie Crew (drms/voc)
Simon Etchell (keyb)
Janis Sharp (gtr)
Kate Buddeke (voc)

Mother Superior
Dec 76 – Dec 77

Jackie Badger (bass/voc)
Jackie Crew (drms/voc)
Simon Etchell (keyb)
Kate Buddeke (voc)
Pete Chapman (gtr)

Ralph & Cindy
Steve Hughes (bass)
Lesley Sly (keyb)
Deidre Cartwright (voc)
Jackie Badger (voc/bass)
Jackie Crew (voc/drms)

Holly Beth Vincent later in Brothel Creepers (USA), Backstage Pass (USA), Holly & the Italians (USA)
Lesley Sly later in Daughters of Zeuss (Australia). Garbo
Audrey Swinburne later in Brandy, Ivy Benson Orchestra
Janis Sharp later in Axess, Who’s George
Simon Etchell later in Blood Donor
Pete Chapman later in Plain Characters
Jackie Crew later in Tour De Force (78), Jam Today (80), Sisterhood of Spit
Jackie Badger is later in Snips, Video Kings
Deirdre Cartwright is ex-Painted Lady, also in Sadista Sisters
Steve Hughes is also in Burlesque


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
10/74      RAF Brampton (Cosmetix?)
02/11/74 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London (Cosmetix?)
31/12/74 Playboy Club, Aschaffenburg
22/01/75 Royal Oak, London
16/04/75 Lord Nelson, Holloway Rd, London
27/06/75 Golden Lion, Fulham, London
11/11/75 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
24/01/76 Tavern Club, Dorchester
20/02/76 JB’s Club, Dudley
30/04/76 Village Inn, West Runton
25/06/76 JB’s Club, Dudley
06/10/76 Bradford University
11/76      Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London
02/07/77 Greyhound, Fulham Palace Road, London
11/07/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
25/08/77 Maxim’s, Barrow-In-Furness
23/09/77 Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London
10/77      Thames Polytechnic, Woolwich
10/77      Kingston Polytechnic
25/10/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
11/77      Leicester Polytechnic
29/11/77 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
07/12/77 Smith Brothers, Tooting, London (Ralph & Cindy)
09/12/77 (unknown)