More Information Required

The following bands have been noted but more details required before inclusion in Main Index

Acme Band (New York, c76 – )
Adeptus (California)
Age (New York ? – 75) Stu Wylder
Aggravators (Napa, c78? – 8?) Steve Farmer (gtr), Don Carillo (gtr), Manny Glisson (bass), Alan (drms)
AlieNation? (California)
Allies (New York, c76 – )
Anxious Jerks (Newport) demos recorded?
Arion Deuce (Boston 78 – 79) Allen Devine (bass, ex-Minx)
Bad Boys (California? c77/78)
Battery (Columbus, 78-)
Best (California, 77) played Whisky Jun 77
Beyond Bondage?
Black Magic (California, 77) played Whisky Jun 77
Black Widows (Montreal c78)
Blow Up (Los Angeles, 78)
Blowdriers (San Francisco) Jennifer Blowdrier
Bomb The Arabs (c78) demo recorded
Boy Problems (c78) “Participation” -demo
Brat (Toronto?)
Brides Of Bullwinkle (Cincinnati?, 77)
Butt Pliers (Los Angeles, 78 aka Deatbeats?)
Cellmates (New York, 78)
Chickadiesels? (Austin) EA Srere
Clear Cloud (Ne York, 78)
Clique (Los Angeles, 78)
Cocktails (New York, 78)
Cold Fever? (New York, 76 -)
Cool Jerks (St Louis, c78?)
Cravers? (New York, 77 – )
Doncasters (Toronto c77)
Dr. Max? (Cedar Falls, 78) Stevie Vee, Downtown Bill
Ducks (California? c77)
Duplicators (Los Angeles, 78)
DV8 (San Francisco, 78)
Dynomiters (New Jersey)
Eddie Paul & the Make? (New York, c77 – )
Eddie and the Inm’8s? (Austin)
Extreme Unction (New York, c78 – )
Exxe (California? c77/78)
Face (Toronto c77)
Forerunner (California, c77)
Fuckers (New York, 78)
Ghosts (New York?)
Girls (Miama, c77/78) Johnny Salton (Reactions)
Great Mistaque? (New York, c76 – )
Hard Core? (Boston, c77)
Hate (Canada, c78)
Incredible Mohawk Brothers (Detroit, 78-83)
Idiot (California c77)
Jasper Hooks & The Dirty Looks? (New York, c77 – ) Cathy Harrington (keyb), Jasper Hooks (gtr)
Jet Mule (New York?)
Joe and Blake (Kansas City / New York?, c75) recorded CBGB’s Oct 75
Joint Effort (Denver, c78)
Juice (California, 77) played Whisky Jun 77
Ketims (Boston?, c77)
Kilgore Trout (Surrey, Canada c76/77?)
Killers From Space (New York?)
Kinectics (Columbus, 78 -)
L.A. Shakers (Los Angeles, 76/77) Dave Drive (later in Gears)
Late Teens (Gettysburg, 78 – 82)
Lemur & Flamingo (New York, c77/78) Vincent Coratello (bass), Caroline Scott (gtr)
Lords? (New York)
Loud Ties (Seattle, c78)
Mad Brook? (New York, c75 – )
Man About Town? (Springfield c78?)
Marquis de Sade (Los Angeles?) Fred Milner (later Fear)
Martian Plan (Chicago, 78) John Davies (Chester Vomit)
Matt Gimmick (Michigan, 78?)
Mile Hi (California, c77)
Mindless F*cks (Boston, c77)
Modern Art Studio (Cleveland, 78? – )
Monitors (Portland, 77/78) John Shirley (voc, later Sado-Nation)
Monotone & the Nucleoids (San Diego, 76/77) Gary Heffern (voc, Penetrators), Danny Diaz (gtr?)
Movies? (New York, c75 – )
Niggers (Boston, c78)
Night (Los Angeles, 77)
Nitro? (California, c77)
Nooz / Nooze? (New York, c78 – )
Nuclear Valdez (California c77/78)
Oh! Henry (Seattle, c76)
Ointment (California, c77)
One? (Boston, c77)
Others (Los Angeles, 78/79)
Paul Starfield & the Mutant Kings (New York c77/78)
Planets (New York) Tali Taliaferrow (later in The Heat)
Plasticide (Calgary, 78?) Jon Card (drms, ex-Stonehenge, later in Suburban Slag)
Premiere (California, c77)
Presence (California)
Presidents (California)
Propaganda (New Jersey) Brian Damage (drms, later in Genocide), Jet Screamer (gtr)
Prophets (California, 77) played whisky Jun 77
Punketariat Poets (Montreal, 77/78)
Pure Ecstacy (New York) Rina Deych (bass)
PVC Kids (New York 76 – )
Quiet Fire? (New York, c76 – )
Rabble (Los Angeles)
Rad Command (San Francisco, c77-79) Ted Falconi (gtr, later in Flipper)
Radio Pete (Colorado)
Rage (Pennsylvania) Mike Rage
Razor’s Edge? (New York, c76-)
Reds (Portland, c78)
Red Army (Los Angeles, 78/79) Gabriele Morgan?
Red Products (California c78)
Relayer (Canada)
Resonance? (Springfield c78?)
Richie Glover Combo (Los Angeles, 78)
Rozz (New York c78)
Secrets (Buffalo c78) Dimitri Popodopolous (drms, Davy & the Crocketts)
Self Abuse (San Jose)
Sewers Of Paris? (Detroit) Jack Black (voc)
Silent Partners? (New York, c75 – )
Situations (Los Angeles? 78)
Skins (California c77)
Slumlords (New York?)
Sparkin’ (California? c77)
Spastics (Los Angeles?, c77)
SS Cult (Long Beach c77/78?)
Stingray & the The Wads? (Los Angeles, Jan King)
Surf Nazis (Santa Cruz, 78?)
Surf Pistols (Santa Cruz, 78?) Soave Loco, Pat Wheeler
Sweet Jesus Fish & Mattress Company (Los Angeles?) Fred Milner (later in Fear)
Systematics (New Jersey) Brian Damage (drms)
Terror Wrist (Portland c77) John Shirley (voc, later Sado-Nation)
Thieves? (New York?, c76 – )
Tourists (Buffalo, c78 – )
Toyz (Toronto c77/78)
Trashy Ted & the Dog Shit Canyon All-Stars (Los Angeles?) Fred Milner (later Fear)
Tracx? (New York? 78)
Trax (California c77)
Twenty Seven (Detroit, 78? – 79?)
Uncle Son? (New York, c75 – )
“Unknown band” (Pennsylvania 77 – 79) Junnie Fortney (gtr), Joe Brady (bass) later known as Scanner
Unnatural Act (Los Angeles)
Venom (California c77/78)
Verbs (Canada c78)
Vice Creepers
Vorpal Gallery (Columbus, 78 – )
Voyeurs (Huntington Beach, 78-)
Wads (Toronto) Paul Ekness
Whoremones (California, 77 – )
Whores (California, 77) played Whisky Jun 77
Wizz Kids (New York) Audie Willert later in 2 Timers
Worthless Pharoes (New York, 78)
X-Offs (Minneapolis, 78/79?)
Yoel (San Francisco, c78)