Moody & the Menstruators

(Reading, Berkshire 71 – 74)
Proto Punk / Avantgarde / Performance Art, also known as The Moodies


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Video for German TV (dir. Wolf Gremm & Renate Ziegler) recorded 74
Tracks: Wild thing, Jailhouse rock


Further Information;

Line ups:

70 – 80
Anne Bean
Peter Davey
May Green

71 – 73
Anne Bean
Peter Davey
Malcolm Jones
Jonathan Harvey
Chris Miller
Brian Routh
Martin von Haselberg

Moody & the Menstruators
71 – 74
Anne Bean (voc/perc)
Suzy Adderley
Becky Bailey
Polly Eltes
Rod Melvin (keyb)
Mary Anne Holliday
Annie Sloane
Hermine Demoriane

Bongo Fury
75 – 79
Anne Bean (voc/perc)
Chris Bishop
Simon Brint
Peter Davey
Hermine deMoriane
Malcolm Jones
Judy Nylon
Max Paddison
Giles Thomas

Butlers Wharf
76 – 79
Anne Bean

Chance, History, Art
Anne Bean (voc/perc)
John McKeon (violin)

Anne Bean also in Kipper Kids (US), later in Pulp Music (76-07), Bongo Fury (75-79)
Rod Melvin later in Brian Eno‘s band (c 75), Kilburn & the High Roads, Celia & the Mutations
Hermine Demoriane is also in Coum Transmissions and later in The Subterraneans