Missing Links

(Sydney, Australia early 64 – Aug 66)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

We 2 Should Live 7″ (Parlophone, A8145) released Mar 65
Tracks: We 2 Should Live, Untrue

You’re Drivin’ Me Insane 7″ (Philips, BF-213) released Aug 65
Tracks: You’re Drivin’ Me Insane, Somethin’ Else

Wild About You 7″ (Philips, BF-224) released Sep 65
Tracks: Wild about You, Nervous Breakdown

H’tuom Tuhs Part 1 7″ (Philips, BF-231) released Oct 65
Tracks: H’tuom Tuhs Part 1, H’tuom Tuhs Part 2

The Missing Links LP (Philips, PD 199) released Dec 65
Tracks: Wild About You, Hobo Man, Bald-Headed Woman, Not To Bother Me, Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut, Some Kinda Fun, You’re Drivin’ Me Insane, Nervous Breakdown, Speak No Evil, On The Road Again, All I Want, H’tuom Tuhs

The Links Unchained 7″EP (Philips, PE-31) released Apr 66
Tracks: I’ll Go Crazy, Don’t Give Me No Friction, One More Time, Wooly Bully


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded c65/66
Tracks: All I want, Shakin’ all over, Kansas City, Come my way, Go Back


Further Information;


Line ups:

64 – 65
Peter Anson (gtr)
Dave Boyne (gtr)
Bob Brady (voc)
Danny Cox (drms)
Ronnie Peel (bass)

Peter Anson (gtr)
John Jones (gtr)
Bob Brady (voc)
Danny Cox (drms)
Ronnie Peel (bass)

65 – Jul 65
Peter Anson (gtr)
John Jones (gtr)
Bob Brady (voc)
Andy Anderson (drms)
Ronnie Peel (bass)

Jul 65
John Jones (gtr)
Andy Anderson (drms)
Dave Longmore (voc/gtr)
Frank Kennington (voc)
Col Risby (gtr)

65 – Aug 66
Andy Anderson (voc)
Chris Gray (keyb)
Doug Ford (voc/gtr)
Baden Hutchens (drms)
Ian Thomas (bass)