Miscellaneous Items

Bob Marley

Punk Reggae Party 12″ (Tuff Gong) released Nov 77, Jamaica
Tracks: Punky reggae party, Punky reggae (version)

Jamming 7″ (Island, WIP-6410) released Dec 77
Tracks: Jamming, Punky reggae party

Tim Curry

Sweet Transvestite 7″ (Ode, ODS 66103) released 74
Tracks: Sweet Transvestite, I’m going Home

Charlie Drake

Super Punk 7″ (Sol-Doon, SDR-024) released Dec 76
Tracks: Super punk, Someone


Father Christmas 7″ (Arista, ARISTA-153) released Nov 77
Tracks: Father Christmas, Prince of the Punks

Misfit Record 7″ (Arista, SP-22) released 78
Tracks: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy, Black Messiah, Misfits, Permanent Waves

Max Wall

England’s Glory 7″ (Stiff, BUY-12) released Apr 77
Tracks: England’s Glory, Dream Tobacco

Mike Berry

Hard Times 7″ (Scramble, SRS 510.056) released 78
Tracks: Hard Times, Boogaloo Dues

Paul Jones (ex-Manfred Mann)

Pretty Vacant 7″ (RSO, RSO-003) released Jun 78
Tracks:  Pretty vacant, Sheen is a punk

Acetate 7″ (Master Room) recorded 78
Tracks: Pretty Vacant, Sheena is a punk rocker

Various Artists

Various Artists – Lentilmas: A seasonal offering to you from Virgin Records 7″ flexi (Virgin/Lyntone, LYN-3261) released Dec 75, Dec 76 or Dec 77

Unknown Artist

Stop Messin’ Around 7″ Acetate (Emidisc) released/recorded 72, UK
Tracks: Stop Messin’ Around