Members of Baby’s Arm, Bimbos etc

Cantones, Boston Mar 78 Fuck the World benefit “various Jams”
Tracks: All right now, Sweet jane, Jailhouse rock, Just what I needed, Whole lotta love, Reelin’ and Rockin’, Morning Dew, Drinking again, Slowdown, Wimp (Baby’s Arm), Rawhide, Johnny be good, Bring it to me, Summertime blues (Bimbos), Bad boy (Bimbos), Everybody knows, Bye bye johnny b goode, Little games, Culture War (Baby’s Arm), She’s a fool (Baby’s Arm)

Various Artists – Live From Hollywood Acetate-LP (LTS) recorded/released New Wave Festival, Whisky-A-Go Go 20-22 Jun 77 (Tracks unknown)
Artists: Germs, Weirdos, Zippers, Prophets, Rage……..