(Newport, Wales 77 – 79)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Cure for cancer 7” (Lightning, GIL-503) released Dec 77
Tracks: Cure for cancer, Nice Vice

Dark glasses 7” (Lightning, GIL-540) released Jul 78
Tracks: Dark glasses, 999


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Vortex, London 3-1-78
Tracks:  She’s a risk, Vipers, Eat the lady, Jumpers, (title unknown), Strip lighting, Cure for cancer, Nice vice, (title unknown #2), Hot sauna, She can’t run, Terrorists


Further Information;


Line up:

Alan Jones (bass)
Gary Lloyd (voc/gtr)
Andy Smith (gtr)
Trevor Tarling (drms)
Andy Jenkins (gtr)

Gary Lloyd, Andy Smith & Alan Jones are ex-Jivers,
Gary Lloyd & Alan Jones are also ex-Gay Dogs
Trevor Tarling is ex-Wizzards


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
29/11/77 Vortex, Wardour Street, London
15/12/77 St Peter’s Civic Hall, Carmarthen
03/01/78 Vortex, Wardour Street, London
28/02/78 Vortex, Wardour Street, London
21/08/78 Vivas Wine Bar, Leeds