Mike Spenser & the Cannibals

(London late 76 – present)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Good Guys 7″ (Big Cock, F-UK 1) recorded Apr 77, released Dec 77
Tracks: Good Guys, Nothing takes the place of you

Nadine 7″ (Hit/Garage Revival, F-UK 2) recorded Oct 78, released Nov 78
Tracks: Nadine, You can’t, Sweet little 16


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded 4-4-77 Pathway studios
Tracks: I might as well do it anyway, Take me to your leader, I’m talking about you, I wanna be your man, Good Guys (diff vers)

Demo recorded 26-10-78 Pathway studios
Tracks: Baby you can’t, Flight 505, Nadine


Further Information;


Line ups:

76 – 77                               77 – 79                              79
Mike Spenser (voc)           Mike Spenser (voc)          Mike Spenser (voc)
Ben Donnelly (bass)         Paul Hutchinson (bass)    Clive Leach (bass)
Dino (drms)                       Virgil Tracy (drms)           Gary Stannard (drms)
Peter Stains (gtr)               Adam Blake (gtr)             Adam Blake (gtr)
Tony Oliver (gtr)                Johnny Walker (gtr)         Johnny Walker (gtr)
Dave Goodman (keyb)                                               Steve Atkinson (keyb)

Mike Spenser is ex-Chrome (late 74 – Jul 75), Count Bishops (Jul 75 – early 76), Comets (mid-late 75), Zip Guns, Flying Tigers (early-late 76)
Ben Donnelly, Peter Stains & Tony Oliver later in The Inmates
Adam Blake & Clive Leach later in Treatment. Steve Atkinson is later in Subway Sect