Mickey Jupp

(Southend-on-Sea, Essex)
Pub Rock


Official Pre-79 Releases:


National Gas 7″ (Bell, BLL 1048) released Feb 69
Tracks: National Gas, Wouldn’t You

National Gas 7″ (Bell, 2C 006-90.305) released 69, France
Tracks: National Gas, Heather On The Hill

Heather in the Hill 7″ (Bell, 808) released Jul 69, USA
Tracks: Heather on the Hill, Wouldn’t You

Legend LP (Bell, SBLL 115) released 69
Tracks: National Gas, Heather On The Hill, Tombstone, Come Back Baby, City, A) Good Boy B) Groovette, Wouldn’t You, Doncaster By-Pass, Twenty Carat Rocker, Bartender’s Blues, Good Money, Shindig

Georgia George Part 1 7″ (Bell, BLL 1082) released Oct 69
Tracks: Georgia George Part 1, July

Life 7″ (Vertigo, 6059 021) released Nov 70
Tracks: Life, Late Last Night

Don’t You Never 7″ (Vertigo, 6059 036) released Mar 71
Tracks: Don’t You Never, Someday

Cross Country 7″ (Vertigo, 6832 957) released 71, France
Tracks: Cross Country, Lorraine Part 2

Legend LP (Vertigo, 6360 019) released 71
Tracks: Cross Country, Cheque Book, Lorraine Part 1, Nothing Wrong With Me, Somebody In Love, Goin’ To, Anything You Do, My Typewriter, Five Years, Hole In My Pocket, Lorraine Part 2, I Feel Like Sleeping

Moonshine LP (Vertigo, 6360 063) released 71
Tracks: Moonshine, Another Guy, Mother Of My Child, Captain Cool, Ausfahrt, Eingang, Shine On My Shoes, The Writer Of Songs, Local Folk’ol, At The Shop, Just Because

Various Artists – Phonogram EP 7″ (Phonogram, ASC 1028) released 71, Italy
Tracks: Life

Various Artists – Phonogram EP 7″ (Phonogram, ASC 1033) released 71, Italy
Tracks: Life

Various Artists – The Vertigo Trip 2xLP (Vertigo, 6641 016) released 71, Australia
Tracks: Hole In My Pocket

Various Artists – Heads Together / First Round LP (Vertigo, 6360 045) released 71
Tracks: Foxfield Junction

Mickey Jupp’s Legend

Mickey Jupp’s legend LP (Stiff, GET 2) released 78
Tracks: Shine On My Shoes, My Typewriter, In My Pocket, Another Guy, Heather On The Hill, Georgia George, Don’t You Never, Captain Cool, Cheque Book, City, Cross Country, Lorraine, Anything You Do, Five Years, Nature’s Radio

Mickey Jupp with Legend

Mr Typewriter 7″ (Stiff, UPP 1) released Apr 78
Tracks: Mr Typrewriter, Nature’s Radio

Mickey Jupp

Nature’s Radio 7″ (Arista, Arista 136) released 77
Tracks: Nature’s Radio, Down At The Doctors

Juppanese LP (Stiff, SEEZ 10) released 78
Tracks: Making Friends, Short List, Old Rock´N´Roller, School, If Only Mother, Down In Old New Orleans, You´ll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those, Pilot, S.P.Y., The Ballad Of Billy Bonney, Partir Cést Mourir Un Peu, Brother Doctor Sister Nurse

Old Rock ‘N’ Roller 7″ (Stiff, BUY 36) released 78
Tracks: Old Rock ‘N’ Roller, S.P.Y.

Down In New Orleans 7″ (Stiff, K-7444) released 78, Australia
Tracks: Down In Old New Orleans, Making Friends

Various Artists – Stiff Sounds – Can’t Start Dancin’ LP (Stiff, SOUNDS 3) released 78
Tracks: Making Friends, You Made A Fool Out Of Me

Various Artists – Be Stiff Tour Sampler Train Version LP (Stiff, Deal 1) released 78
Tracks: Pilot, Making Friends

Mickey Jupp & the Cable Layers

Various Artists – Be Stiff Tour 12″ (Stiff, ODD 2) recorded 78, released 79
Tracks: Be Stiff


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

BBC In Concert 3-4-78
Tracks: Guitarpicker Slim, Wrong Food, Pilot, Make It Fly, Hole In My Pocket, Cheque Book

BBC John Peel Session recorded 29-6-78
Tracks: Cheque Book, Daisy Mayes, Anything You Do

BBC Stuart Coleman Session recorded 21-11-78
Tracks: Making Friends, Down At The Doctors, Switchboard Susan, Guitarpicker Slim, So Long


Further Information;


Line ups:

late 66
Mickey Jupp (keyb/gtr/voc)
Robin Trower (gtr)
Tommy Berry (drms)

Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Nigel Dunbar (drms)
Chris East (gtr/voc)
Steve Geere (bass/voc)

69 – 71
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Mo Witham (gtr)
John Bobin (bass)
Bill Fifield (drms)

Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Mo Witham (gtr)
John Bobin (bass)
Bob Clouter (drms)

Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Mo Witham (gtr)
Phil Mitchell (bass)
Barney James (drms)

72 – 75
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Frank Mead (sax)
Robin Trower (gtr)

Mickey Jupp band
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Frank Mead (sax)
John Pugh (sax)
Joy Sarney (voc)
Colin Maxwell (voc)
Bob Fish (voc)
Pete the Hat (voc)
Phil Mitchel (bass)
Bob Clouter (drms)
Pete Zear (gtr)

Mickey Jupp band
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Dave Barnes (gtr)
John Bobin (bass)
Mick Brownlee (drms)

Mickey Jupp band
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Mick Grabham (gtr)
John Gordon (bass)
Ron Telemacque (drms)

Mickey Jupp & the Treatment
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Pete Gosling (gtr)
Vic Young (bass)
Mac Poole (drms)

Mickey Jupp & the Cable Layers
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Pete Gosling (gtr)
Vic Young (bass)
Mac Poole (drms)
Geraint Watkins (keyb)

Mickey Jupp band
Bruce Lynch (bass)
Nick Lowe (bass)
Dave Mattacks (drms)
Terry Williams (drms)
Billy Bremner (gtr)
Dave Edmunds (gtr)
Mickey Jupp (voc/keyb/gtr)
Chris Spedding (gtr)

Mickey Jupp band
Gary Tibbs (bass)
Mickey Jupp (keyb/gtr/voc)
Kevin Godley (drms)
Lol Creme (gtr)
Andy Mackay (sax)

Mickey Jupp band
Mickey Jupp (keyb/gtr/voc)
Ian Duck (gtr)
Pat Donaldson (bass)
Dave Mattacks (drms)

Bill Fifield (Legend) later in T.Rex
Mickey Jupp is ex-Black Diamons (63), Orioles (63-65)
Mo Witham, Bob Clouter are ex-Orioles (63-65)
Phil Mitchell also in Tor.  Ron Telemacque is also in Filthy McNasty
Robin Trower also in Procol Harum, also solo
Bob Clouter is ex-The Fingers, later in Lew Lewis‘s band
Pete Zear is later in Lew Lewis‘s band, Jukes, also solo
Pete Gosling later in Wreckless Eric‘s band
Nick Lowe, Terry Williams, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner also in Rockpile
Chris Spedding also solo
Gary Tibbs is ex-Automatics, Vibrators, Masterswitch, Roxy Music, Blast Furnace, later in Code Blue (USA), Adam & the Ants
Andy Mackay is ex-Phil Manzanera’s band
Kevin Godley, Lol Creme are ex-10cc
Pat Donaldson is ex-Steve Gibbons band, John Cale’s band, also in Chris Spedding’s band


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
68           Boat, Staines
13/03/70 Cricketers Pub, Southend
11/04/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
17/04/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
18/04/70 Barking Regional College of Technology
19/04/70 Country Club, Haverstock Hill, London
30/04/70 Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes
01/05/70 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
02/05/70 Railway Hotel, Wealdstone (*)
03/05/70 Blaise’s Club, London
05/05/70 100 Club, Oxford Street, London
07/05/70 London College of Printing, Elephant & Castle
08/05/70 Cufflley Youth Centre
11/05/70 King’s Head, Wood Green
14/05/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
21/05/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
23/05/70 Northcote Arms, Southall
24/05/70 Classic Cinema, Hendon, London
28/05/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
29/05/70 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
30/05/70 Brasenose College, Oxford
01/06/70 Jason’s, Chapel Rd, Tolleshunt D’arcy
04/06/70 Railway Hotel, Wealdstone
06/06/70 Northcote Arms, Southall
09/06/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
11/06/70 Northcote Arms, Southall
12/06/70 International Student’s House
13/06/70 Trent Park Teacher Training College
19/06/70 Basildon Festival, Gloucester Park
23/06/70 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
24/06/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
25/06/70 Charles Morris Cottage
26/06/70 Bretton Hall College, Wakefield
17/07/70 Angelique
24/07/70 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
25/07/70 Jubilee Hall, Maldon
31/07/70 Blaise’s Club, London
08/70      Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
15/08/70 Village Club, Newport
22/08/70 Diamond Horseshoe Bar, Southend
25/08/70 Banqueting Hall
28/08/70 Country Club, Haverstock Hill, London
29/08/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
12/09/70 Barn Club, Thaxted
16/09/70 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
24/09/70 Upstairs at Ronnie’s, Soho, London
26/09/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
29/09/70 Blaise’s Club, London
03/10/70 Corn Exchange, Colchester
06/10/70 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
15/10/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
23/10/70 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
27/10/70 Blaise’s Club, London
29/10/70 Angelique
30/10/70 Angelique
31/10/70 Angelique
03/11/70 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
04/11/70 Guildford Technical College
05/11/70 Ravensbourne Art College, Chislehurst
06/11/70 Scotch of St James, Mason’s Yard
07/11/70 El Grotto, Southend
09/11/70 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
11/11/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
13/11/70 Blaise’s Club, London
14/11/70 El Grotto, Southend
19/11/70 Leeds Medical Society
21/11/70 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
27/11/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
28/11/70 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
03/12/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
05/12/70 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
10/12/70 Blaise’s Club, London
12/12/70 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
12/12/70 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
18/12/70 Blaise’s Club, London
19/12/70 Harlow FC
22/12/70 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
02/01/71 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
08/01/71 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
15/01/71 Country Club, Haverstock Hill, London
16/01/71 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
20/01/71 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
23/01/71 Blaise’s Club, London
24/01/71 Wake Arms, Epping
27/01/71 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
05/02/71 Sisters Club, Seven Sisters Rd, London
19/02/71 Blaise’s Club, London
20/02/71 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
20/02/71 Leeds University (?)
22/02/71 Country Club, Haverstock Hill, London
23/02/71 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
26/02/71 Queen Elizabeth College, Kensington, London
26/02/71 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
27/02/71 Country Club, Haverstock Hill, London
01/03/71 Blaise’s Club, London
05/03/71 Kings College, Southend
06/03/71 Hockerill College, Bishop’s Stortford
08/03/71 Blaise’s Club, London
12/03/71 2J’s, Horn Hotel, Braintree
25/03/71 Skindles, Maidenhead
04/71      Blaise’s Club, London
01/05/71 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
05/71      Swansea College
05/71      Leeds University
05/71      Blues Loft, High Wycombe
05/71      Wake Arms, Epping
29/05/71 Saxon Motel, Harlow
31/05/71 Van Gogh, Basildon
01/06/71 Mistrale Club
05/06/71 Coventry Club
07/06/71 Harlow FC
02/07/71 Leeds University
07/71      University of London (Kings College)
06/07/71 Assembly Rooms, Exeter (?)
06/07/71 Fickle Pickle Club, Southend
28/07/71 Revolution, Burton Place, Mayfair, London
01/10/71 Pheasantry, Chelsea, London
04/10/71 Van Gogh, Basildon
08/10/71 Loughborough Technical College
10/71      Matlock College
10/11/71 Arundel College
17/11/71 Oxford Polytechnic
Mickey Jupp Band
02/12/75 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
09/12/75 London School of Oriental & African Studies
12/12/75 North London Polytechnic, Holloway Rd
03/01/76 JB’s Club, Dudley
03/02/76 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
21/09/76 Kings Arms, Chelmsford
19/03/78 Top Rank, Cardiff
21/03/78 De Montfort Hall, Leicester
22/03/78 City Hall, Newcastle
26/03/78 Locarno, Bristol
28/03/78 Village Bowl, Bournemouth
29/03/78 Top Rank, Brighton
01/04/78 Sports Centre, Bracknell
05/04/78 Top Rank, Sheffield
09/04/78 Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead
12/04/78 Guildhall, Portsmouth
28/09/78 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
10/10/78 Bristol University
11/10/78 Liverpool University
13/10/78 Aston University, Birmingham
14/10/78 Cats Whiskers, Burnely (*)
14/10/78 Plymouth Polytechnic
15/10/78 Town Hall, Middlesbrough
16/10/78 Manchester University (UMIST)
17/10/78 Lancaster University
18/10/78 Market Hall, Carlisle
19/10/78 Strathclyde University, Glasgow
20/10/78 Pavilion, Strathpeffer
21/10/78 Assembly Hall, Wick
23/10/78 Ruffles, Aberdeen
24/10/78 Dundee University
25/10/78 Clouds, Edinburgh
26/10/78 Stirling University, Glasgow
28/10/78 Chester’s Arcadia, Portrush
29/10/78 Queen’s University, Belfast
30/10/78 Stardust, Dublin
01/11/78 Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead
02/11/78 Hull University
03/11/78 Huddersfield Polytechnic
04/11/78 Leeds University
05/11/78 Top Rank, Sheffield
06/11/78 Salford University, Manchester
07/11/78 Newcastle University, Canteen
09/11/78 Warwick University, Coventry
10/11/78 Loughborough University
11/11/78 Nottingham University
12/11/78 King George’s Hall, Blackburn
13/11/78 Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
15/11/78 Village Bowl, Bournemouth
16/11/78 Oxford Polytechnic
17/11/78 Odeon Theatre, Canterbury
18/11/78 Surrey University, Guildford
19/11/78 Lyceum, Strand, London
(?) = noted but some uncertainty with date or whether band played
(*) = band originally booked but did not appear / gig cancelled and/or date moved