(Leeds, West Yorkshire May 77 – present)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Never been in a riot 7” (Fast Product, FAST-1) recorded Oct 77, released Jan 78
Tracks: Never been in a riot, 32 weeks, heart & soul

I’ll have to dance then 7” (Fast Product, FAST-7) recorded Oct 78, released Nov 78
Tracks: I’ll have to dance then, Where were you


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

BBC John Peel session recorded 7-3-78
Tracks: Garden fence of sound, Where were you, Letters in the post, Lonely & wet, Dance and drink the mekons, Dan dare – out of space

BBC John Peel session recorded 25-9-78
Tracks: Like spoons no more, Trevira trousers, What are we going to do tonight, Rosanne, I’ll have to dance then


Further Information;

Line ups:

77                                             Mar 78                                 Sep 78
Jon Langford (drms)                Jon Langford (drms)           Jon Langford (drms)
Kevin Lycett (gtr)                      Kevin Lycett (gtr)                Kevin Lycett (gtr)
Mark White (voc)                      Mark White (voc)                Mark White (voc)
Andy Corrigan (voc)                 Andy Corrigan (voc)            Andy Corrigan (voc)
Tom Greenhalgh (gtr)              Tom Greenhalgh (gtr)         Tom Greenhalgh (gtr)
.                                                Roz Allen (bass)                 Mary Jenner (bass)
.                                                Andy Sharp (voc)                Andy Sharp (voc)
.                                                                                            Martin Culverwell (voc)
.                                                                                            Jo Barbett (voc)
.                                                                                            Simon Best (voc)
.                                                                                            Mick Wixey (voc)
Jon Langford later in The Three Johns
Roz Allen later in Delta 5
Mary Jenner also in Acrobats Of Desire