Official Pre-79 Releases:

Don’t Care 7″ (L001/L002) released 71
Tracks: Don’t Care, Hypnosis

Fuck You 7″ (L003/L004) released 72
Tracks: Fuck You, Bad

Big Gun LP (LLP1) released 72
Tracks: Banshee, Prick, Hypnosis, Gonna Leave, Winter, XAA, What Was That Thing I Saw You With Last Night, Dance With The Devil, Don’t Care, Dance With The Devil (Reprise), Want It, Natural Man, Banshee (Reprise)

Prick 7″ (L005/L006) released 72
Tracks: Prick, Want It

Exit LP (LLP2) released 72
Tracks: Burn, Seasong, Exit, Shot 262, Tank, Shot 275, I’m Coming, Joy, Drums

Mr Jack 7″ (L007) released 73
Tracks: Mr Jack, Mr Jack


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

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Line ups:

Denys Irving (voc/bass/gtr/perc)