John Cooper Clarke

(Manchester 76 – present)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Innocents EP 7” (Rabid, TOSH-103) released Oct 77
Tracks: Suspended sentence, Innocents, Psycle sluts parts 1 & 2

Various Artists – Streets LP (Beggars Banquet, BEGA-1) released Nov 77
Tracks: Innocents

Ou Est La Maison de Fromage? LP (Rabid, NOZE-1) released 78, *demo recorded 77, ** demo recorded 78
Tracks: The serial pt 1**, Letter to fiesta**, Film extra’s extra**, Majorca**, Action man**, Kung fu international**, Sperm test**, Missing persons**, Split beans*, Dumb row laughs**, Bunch of twigs**, Trains**, The cycle accident**, Gimmix**, Readers wives**, Ten years in an open neck shirt pt 1**, Nothing**, Monster from outer space**, Ten years in an open neck shirt pt 2**, Daily express**, Ten years in an open neck shirt pt 3**, Salome malone**, Psycle sluts pt 1**

Post-war Glamour girl 7” (CBS, S CBS-6541) *live Eric’s, Liverpool 12-5-78, released Aug 78
Tracks: Post-war Glamour girl, Kung Fu International*

Various Artists – Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus 10” LP (Virgin, VCL-5003) recorded 2-10-77, released Jun 78
Tracks: Daily Express, Monster from outer space

Disguise In Love LP (CBS, S CBS-83132) released Sep 78. *live 8-5-78, Ritz Ballroom, Manchester
Tracks: I don’t wanna be nice, Psycle sluts parts 1 & 2 (live)*, (I’ve got a brand new) tracksuit, Teenage werewolf, Readers wives, Post war glamour girl, Monster from outer space, Salome Maloney (live)*, Health fanatic, Strange bedfellows, Valley of the lost women, The pest (live)*, Gimmix (live)*, Kung fu international (live)*


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Eric’s, Liverpool 2-10-77
Tracks: Daily express, Monsters from outer space

Ritz Ballroom, Manchester 8-5-78
Tracks: Psycle sluts parts 1 & 2, Salome, The pest, Gimmix, Kung fu international

Eric’s, Liverpool 12-5-78
Tracks: Post war glamour girls, Kung fu international

BBC John Peel session 3-10-78
Tracks: Health fanatic, Monster from outer space, Reader’s wives, Split beans

BBC Old Grey Whistle Test Nov 78
Tracks: I don’t want to be nice


Further Information;

Line ups:

John Cooper Clarke & the Curious Yellows      John Cooper Clarke & the Invisible Girls
77-78                                                                  78-80
John Cooper Clarke (voc/gtr)                             John Cooper Clarke (voc/gtr)
Martin Hannett (bass/perc)                                 Steve Hopkins (keyb)
Joe Viality (drms)                                                Martin Hannett (bass)
John Scott (gtr/bass)                                          Paul Burgess (drms)
Tony Roberts (drms)                                          Lyn Oakey (gtr)
Phil Middleton (bass)                                         John Scott (gtr)
.                                                                          Bill Nelson (gtr)
.                                                                          Pete Shelley (gtr)

Steve Hopkins is ex-Durutti Column, later in Jilted John
John Scott is ex-Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, later in Bet Lynch’s Legs (79)
Bill Nelson is ex-Be-Bop Deluxe and also in Bill Nelson’s Red Noise
Lyn Oakey & Paul Burgess also in Freshies
John Cooper Clarke is ex-Manchester Anarchists (70), also in Rick Goldstraw & his Ferrets
Pete Shelley is also in the Buzzcocks, Tony Roberts is ex-Gyro and later in Cairo (79)