(Luton, Bedfordshire. UK Late 76 – 79)
previously called BB Exiles then Exiles, later renamed the Tee Vees






Official Pre-79 Releases;


Various Artists – Farewell to the Roxy LP (Lightning, LIP-2) recorded Jan 78, released Apr 78
Tracks: TV Drink, Dreg Town



Original Terminal 7″ (Good Vibrations, GV-1002) recorded Sep 78, released Sep 79
Tracks: Original Terminal, The Iceburn


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

First Demo recorded 76, Strawberry Studios, Stockport (Tracks unknown)

Unreleased 7″ (Regis Records) Feb/Mar 77 (Tracks unknown)

Rehearsal recorded sometime between 76 and 77
Tracks: Black & White, Breakdown, Devil

Demo recorded 77, Don Larkin Studios (Tracks unknown)

Demo recorded 77
Tracks: Silke, Come On Now, Dead, Waiting For Emotion

Demo recorded 78
Tracks: The Impact

Luton Town Hall, recorded 78 (Video, No sound, Tracks unknown)

33 Arts Centre, Luton, recorded 78 (Video, No sound, Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line up:

Gerry (voc)
Joe (gtr)
Phil (gtr)
Reggie (bass)
Justin (drms)

Reggie (The Captain) also in Snow White & the Sic Punks


Additional information kindly provided by Bob Lyons