(Bath, Somerset 77 – 81)
Power Pop


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Birmingham 7” (Virgin, VS-218) released Jun 78
Tracks: Birmingham, New Hearts in action


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded late 78/early 79
Tracks: You didn’t have to lie to me, That kind of boy, Shipyards


Further Information;

Line ups:

#1                                        #2                                         #3
77 –                                                                                  mid 80 – 81
Pete Allerhand                    Pete Allerhand                     Pete Allerhand
Alan Brain                           Alan Brain                            Alan Brain
Jeff Starrs                           Jeff Starrs                           Jeff Starrs
Manny Elias (drms)            Manny Elias (drms)             Manny Elias (drms)
Phil Crowther (bass)          Alfie Aguis (bass)                Steve Street (bass)

Steve Street is ex-Apartment