Human League

(Sheffield, South Yorkshire 77 – present)
originally called The Future






Official Pre-79 Releases;


Being Boiled 7” (Fast, FAST-4) recorded Jan 78, released Jun 78
Tracks: Being Boiled, Circus of Death


The Human League Cassette Cassette-LP (Fast) released summer 78/79, mail order
Tracks: The dignity of labour part 1, The dignity of labour part 2, Optimistic anthem (blind youth), The year of the jet packs, Again the eye again, Toyota city, You’ve lost that loving feeling


Other Pre-79 Recordings;


Live 77 (Venue unknown)
Tracks: Dr Who theme, Louie louie, Vicious, Cock in my pocket, The drones want to come on now

The Future

Demo recorded mid 77, Studio Electrophonique
Tracks: Blank clocks, Cairo, Dada dada duchamp vortex, Daz, Future religion, Looking for the black haired girls, Pulse lovers

The Human League

Demo recorded late 77 “Dance Like a Star”
Tracks: Dance like a star, C’est grave, Titled U.N., Dance like a star #2, Treatment, Last man on earth

Demo recorded Apr 78
Tracks: Being boiled, Circus of death, Toyota city, 4jg, dance like a star, disco disaster, dominion advertisement, interface, king of kings, last man on earth, new pink floyd, once upon a time in the west, overkill disaster crash, reach out, the circus of dr lao, year of the jet packs

Granada TV session recorded Aug 78
Tracks: Being Boiled

BBC John Peel session Aug 78
Tracks: Being boiled, Blind youth, No time, You’ve lost that loving feeling

Demo recorded Dec 78 “Taverner Tape”
Tracks: Again the eye again, Blind youth, Interface, The path of least resistance, Zero as a limit

Victoria Hall, Hanley 25-10-78 (Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line ups;

Musical Vomit
74 – 75
Glenn Gregory (bass)
Simon Hall (perc)
Ian Craig Marsh (gtr)
Mark Civico (voc)
Ian Reddington (perc)
Paul Bower (gtr)
Nick Dawson (perc)
Jim Ashton (keyb)

Lister Greg & Red
Glenn Gregory (bass)
Ian Reddington (perc)
Adi Newton (voc)

Dead Daughters
Jun 77
Adi Newton (voc)
Craig Marsh (keyb)
Martyn Ware (keyb)

Glenn Gregory (voc)
Adi Newton (voc)
Ian Craig Marsh (keyb)
Martyn Ware (keyb)
Haydn Boyes Watson (drms)
Richard H Kirk
Stephen Mallinder
Chris Watson

The Future
77 – autumn 77
Ian Craig Marsh (keyb)
Martyn Ware (keyb)
Adi Newton (voc)

Human League #1
autumn 77 – Mar 78
Phil Oakey (voc)
Ian Craig Marsh (keyb)
Martyn Ware (keyb)

Mar 78 – Oct 80
Phil Oakey (voc)
Ian Craig Marsh (keyb)
Adrian Wright (visuals)
Martyn Ware (keyb)

Ian Craig Marsh & Martyn Ware are both later in BEF / Heaven 17
Adi Newton is later in Clock DVA
Richard H Kirk, Stephen Mallinder & Chris Watson are also in Cabaret Voltaire
Haydn Boyes Weston and Paul Bower are later in 2.3
Glen Gregory later in 57 Men, Heaven 17 (80)