Herman Brood & His Wild Romance

(Groningen Nov 76 – )
also known as The Wild Romance


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Street LP (Bubble, 28711 XOT) released May 77
Tracks: Street, Turn It On, Syrup, Back In Your Love, Crocodile (The Penthouse), Pop It, Romanza Di Cavalli, Spine Pain, One More Dose (Lonely Pain Part 2), Feels Like Love

Rock & Roll Junkie 7″ (Bubble, 11690 AT) released 77
Tracks: Rock & roll junkie, Street

Shpritsz LP (Bubble, 26122 XOT) recorded 77-78, released May 78
Tracks: Saturday Night, Dope Sucks, One, Doin’ It, Champagne (& Wine), Back (In Y’r Love), Hit, Rock & Roll Junkie, Never Enough, Pain, Get Lost, Hot-Talk, Prisoners, Doreen, Skid Row

Saturday Night 7″ (Bubble, 15 739 AT) released Aug 78
Tracks: Saturday night, Doin’ it

Cha Cha LP (Ariola, 200.230) released Dec 78
Tracks: Hit, Too Slow, Street, Still Believe, True Fine Mama, Rock ‘n Roll Junkie, One More Dose, Speedo, Dope Sucks, City, Blue, Can’t Stand It, Phony, Pop

Still Believe 7″ (Ariola, 100.054) released Dec 78
Tracks: Still believe, Jilted

Various Artists – Hit Rocket LP (Arcade, ADEH-34) released 78
Tracks: Saturday night

Various Artists – Compositions By LP (OP-9) released 78
Tracks: Showbizz blues, Goin’ to the city, Hounddog


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund 9-12-78 Rockpalast
Tracks: Hit, Pourin’ It All Out, Too Slow, Street, Still Believe, Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie, Lost, Waiting For My Man, Back In Your Love, Saturday Night, Doreen, Doin’ It, Dope Sucks/Hot Talk, Turn It On, One More Dose, Speedo, Phony, Pop, True Fine Mama, Prisoners, Skid Row, Never Enough, Blue, Can’t Stand It


Further Information;


Line ups:

Nov 76 –                                Dec 76                                Mar 77
Herman Brood (voc/keyb)     Herman Brood (voc/keyb)   Herman Brood (voc/keyb)
Eric Zwaan (gtr)                     Peter Bootsman (gtr)          Ferdi Karmelk (gtr)
Gerrit Veen (bass)                Gerrit Veen (bass)              Gerrit Veen (bass)
Peter Walrecht (drms)           Peter Walrecht (drms)        Peter Walrecht (drms)

Jun 77                                   Nov 77 – Oct 79
Herman Brood (voc/keyb)     Herman Brood (voc/keyb)
Danny Ladermacher (gtr)     Danny Ladermacher (gtr)
Gerrit Veen (bass)                Freddie van Kampen (bass)
Cees Meerman (drms)          Cees Meerman (drms)
.                                            Monica Tjen-a-Kwoei (voc)
.                                            Anna Dekkers (voc)

Herman Brood is ex-The Moans (64), Long Tall Ernie & the Shakers, Cuby & the Blizzards, Studs, Flash & Dance Band, Vitesse
Gerrit Veen later in Plant, The Meteors.  Anna Dekkers is ex-Head Over Heels, also solo