(Chapel Hill, North Carolina autumn 77 – summer 78)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Peter Holspapple & the H-Bombs

Big Black Truck 7″ (Car, CRR-5) recorded Nov 77,released early 78
Tracks: Big Black Truck, 96 Second Blowout, Death Garage


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Duke University 18-3-78
Tracks: intro, Death garage, Wrong kind of girl, You love it, Postcard romance, In a little while, Money from england, Mind your manners, You told me, TwilightDanger damger danger, Big black truck, The lonely bull, Bomb scare, Baby hang on, Take me back in your arms again, Lookin’ round corners, 96 second blow out, Baby what’s wrong with you, Seeing eye dog, Sixty five comet, Caroline, A heart is not a home, Dunbar street, Komm gibb mir deine hand, B & G commercial, You can’t catch me

Demo recorded 78
Tracks: Money From England


Further Information;

Line ups:

#1                                       #2
77 – early 78                      early 78
Peter Holsapple (gtr/voc)   Peter Holsapple (gtr/voc)
Mitch Easter (gtr/voc)        Mitch Easter (gtr/voc)
Robert Keely (bass/voc)    Chris Stamey
Chris Chamis (drms)

Peter Holsapple later in Individuals
Peter Holsapple, Chris Stamey later in dB’s
Mitch Easter is later in Cyclones, Let’s Active
Robert Keely, Chris Chamis later in Secret Service