(London 71, 72 – 74, 75 – 76)
also recorded as The Bashers


Official Pre-79 Releases;


Grimms LP (Island, HELP-11) released Feb 73
Tracks: Interruption At The Opera House (Part 1) / Small Bird Theme, Three Times Corner, Sex Maniac, Galactic Love, Poem, Chairman Shankly, Italian Job, Albatross Ramble, Humanoid Boogie, Short Blues, Summer With The Monarch, Twyfords Vitromant, Following You, Newly Pressed Suit, 11th Hour, Con Gov Fig, Brown Paper Carrier Bag, Interruption At The Opera House (Part 2) / Small Bird Theme

Rockin’ Duck LP (Island, ILPS 9248) released Oct 73
Tracks: Rockin’ Duck, Songs Of The Stars, The Right Mask, Policeman’s Lot, Question Of Habit, Take It While You Can, Poetic Licence, The Masked Poet, Hiss And Boo, Gruesome, FX, Blab Blab Blab / EEC, Backwards Thro’ Space, The Prophet, OO-Chuck-A-Mao-Mao, End Of The Record

Backbreaker 7″ (DJM, DJS 393) released Jul 75
Tracks: Backbreaker, The Masked Poet

Backpacker 7″ promo (DJM, DJUS-1001) released Oct 75, USA
Tracks: Backpacker (mono), Backpacker (stereo)

Sleepers LP (DJM, DJLPS 470) released May 76
Tracks: The Worst Is Yet To Come, Blackest Of Blues, Where Am I Now, House Of The Rising Sun, Sing Me That Song, Wiggle Waggle, Backbreaker, The Womble Bashers Of Walthamstow, Randy Raquel, Goose, Street, Slaves Of Freedom, Bluebird Morning, Plenty Of Time

The Womble Bashers Of Walthamstow 7″ (DJM, DJS 679) released Jun 76
Tracks: The Womble Bashers Of Walthamstow, The Worst Is Yet To Come, Wiggle Waggle

Various Artists – The camera & the song LP (Super Beeb, BEDP-006) released 76
Tracks: Backbeater

Various Artists – The greater antilles Sampler LP (Antilles, AX-7000) released 76, USA
Tracks: Take it while you can

Various Artists – 20 Original Rock HIts LP (Pickwick, PLE-7001) released 76
Tracks: Backbreaker

The Bashers

The Womble Bashers 7″ (Virgin, VS-154) released Jun 76
Tracks: The Womble Bashers, Womble Bashers Wock


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded 75/76
Tracks: Living Apart Together, She’s Leaving Home, Crystal Balls, The Masked Poet, I Must Be In Love -Riff-, I Must Be In Love, Street, Mouth, Where Am I Now, Backbreaker, Plenty Of Time

BBC In Concert 7-7-73
Tracks: Intro, Twist, Song Of The Stars, Poem, Nuclear Band, Impersonations, W.P.C. Hodges, Poem #2, Gruesome, Poem #3, Fish, Question Of Habit, Fx, Urban Cowboy, Poem #4, Somewhere Between Heaven And Woolworths, Take It While You Can, Closing Comments, A Policeman’s Lot


Further Information;

Line ups:

#1                                         #2                                    #3
71                                         72 – 73                             73
Andy Roberts (gtr)                Andy Roberts (gtr)           Andy Roberts (gtr)
John Gorman (voc)               John Gorman (voc)          John Gorman (voc)
Neil Innes (voc/gtr/keyb)       Neil Innes (voc/gtr/keyb)   Neil Innes (voc/gtr/keyb)
Mike McGear (voc/perc)       Mike McGear (voc/perc)   Mike McGear (voc/perc)
Roger McGough (voc)          Roger McGough (voc)      Roger McGough (voc)
Vivian Stanshall (voc)           Vivian Stanshall (voc)       Brian Patten (voc)
Keith Moon (drms)                Adrian Henri (voc)            Jon Hiseman (drms)
.                                            Brian Patten (voc)            John Megginson (bs/kyb)
.                                            Jon Hiseman (drms)          Peter Halsall (gtr)
.                                            Michael Giles (drms)         David Richards (bass)
.                                            John Megginson (bs/kyb) Gerry Conway (drms)
.                                            George Money (trumpet)

#4                                        #5                                      Bashers
73 – 74                                 75 – 76                               76
Andy Roberts (gtr)               Andy Roberts (gtr)             Andy Roberts (gtr)
John Gorman (voc)              John Gorman (voc)            John Gorman (voc)
Neil Innes (voc/gtr/keyb)      Neil Innes (voc/gtr/keyb)     Neil Innes (voc/gtr/keyb)
Roger McGough (voc)         David Richards (bass)        David Richards (bass)
Brian Patten (voc)               John Megginson (bs/kyb)    John Megginson (bs/kyb)
Jon Hiseman (drms)            Roger McGough (voc)         Roger McGough (voc)
John Megginson (bs/kyb)    Timmy Donnell (drms)         Timmy Donnell (drms)
Peter Halsall (gtr)                                                            Mike McGear (voc/perc)
David Richards (bass)
Gerry Conway (drms)

Andy Roberts, John Gorman, Mike McGear, Roger McGough are also in The Scaffold
Neil Innes is also in The Bonzo Dog Band
Andy Roberts is aslo in Plainsong & solo and later in Yellow Dog
Gerry Conway also later in Yellow Dog
Roger McGough, Adrian Henri, Brian Patten are also ex-Liverpool Scene
Keith Moon is also in The Who
Jon Hiseman is also in Collosseum
Michael Giles is aslo in King Crimson
Mike McGear also recorded solo