(Cleveland, Ohio 76 – Jun 77)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Other Pre-79 Recordings;


Pirate’s Cove 2-11-76
Tracks: Prove It, Dear Richard, Calvary Cross, Billy/Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Somethin’ Else, Hideaway, Fire Engine, It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Man to Cry, Old Songs Resung/Dwarf’s Reel, Hey Joe, (Don’t) Take Your Love Away

Peter Laughner

Demos recorded Nov 69 “Notes on a Cocktail Napkin”
Tracks: The Old Tiptoe, Dames Are All Alike, The Alcohol Of Fame, French Motel, All Night Long, Again, The Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe, Broken Wings

Demo recorded 72 “unreleased Radio session”
Tracks: Please Mrs Henry

Case University c74 (Tracks unknown)

Demo recorded 74/75
Tracks: Visions of Johanna

Demos recorded live Feb 76, “Ann Arbor sessions” with Don Harvey
Tracks: Amphetamine, Blank generation, Venus de Milo, First taste of heartache, Dead Letter Zone, Walk On

Demos recorded 76 “Setting Son”
Tracks: Visions of Johanna, 33.20 Blues, Ridin’ on Ice (I), Ridin’ on Ice (II), Ridin’ on Ice (III), Ridin’ on Ice (IV), The Junkman, The Junkman, First Taste of Heartache, Thirty Seconds over Tokyo, Never Gonna Kill Myself Again

Demo/Rehearsal recorded early 77 (or 75?) “Creem Office sessions” with Lester Bangs, Pete Stemphel
Tracks: Drugstore Cowboy, I’m So Bored, G’bye Lou, G’bye Lou Too, G’Bye Lou Three, Cry Your Blues Away (My True Story), A Little Bit Of Heaven, Random Banter, Like A Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Lester Ray

Demo recorded 21-6-77 “Nocturnal Digressions”
Tracks: See No Evil, Come on In, Right Through your heart, Calvary Cross, The Dream, Slim slow slider,  Blank Generation, Wild horses, Do It, Resistance, Me & the Devil Blues, Ain’t got you, Pale blue eyes, China, Summertime blues

Demos recorded c76/77
Tracks: Baudelaire, Rock it down, Sylvia Plath, In the bar, Cinderella Backstreet, Only love can break your heart, Lullaby, Pledging my time, Life stinks, Me & the Devil Blues

Original Wolverines

WMMS Coffebreak Concert, Cleveland 20-9-72
Tracks: Hesitation Blues, The Sidewalks Of NY, Willing, Biscuit Rover, King Solomon’s Mine, Police Dog Blues, Mama Taint Long Before Day, Please Mrs Henry, The Mean Ol’ Frisco, Drunkard’s Lament, Happy Blues, Oh Such A Fine Night, That’s The Story Of My life, Fat City Jive, T For Texas


Further Information;

Line ups;

Peter Laughner band
Nov 69
Terry Hartman (gtr/voc)
Peter Laughner (gtr/voc)
Charlotte Pressler (drms)
Dale Crockett (bass)

Original Wolverines
Sep 72
Peter Laughner (voc/gtr)
Mike Sands (keyb)
Pete Sinks (bass)

Peter Laughner band
Feb 76
Peter Laughner (gtr)
[Russ Williams (bass)]

76 – Jun 77
Susan Schmidt (gtr/voc)
Peter Laughner (gtr/voc)
Deborah Smith (bass)
Anton Fier (drms)

Russ Williams (Don Harvey) is ex-Mr Charlie
Terry Hartman, Dale Crockett also in Backdoor Men
Peter Laughner is ex-Mr. Charlie, Mrirrors (71-72), Mr. Stress Blues Band (72), Cinderella Backstreet, Cinderella’s Revenge, The Finns, Peter & the Wolves, The Original Wolverines, The Blue Drivers, Rocket From The Tombs, Pere Ubu
Anton Fier is ex-Electric Eels, Men From Uncle, Styrenes, later in, Ex-Blank-Ex, Feelies, Lounge Lizards, Pere Ubu (mid 81)
Susan Schmidt, Deborah Smith are ex-Poor Girls, Cinderella’s Revenge, later in Chi-Pig